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Environment and Development - (NRSM 475)

Credits: 3 | Offered: Spring
Instructor(s): Belsky

Who should take this course?

Juniors, seniors and beginning graduate students from across campus; recommended for undergraduate Resource Conservation majors tracking the Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Conservation field; and required for some undergraduate degree programs (BA recreation and tourism) and graduate degrees (MS Resource Conservation with a ICD option). A core class in the International Development Studies (IDS) minor.

Why is this class important?

One of a few upper division level courses offered in the college on the social, economic and political dimensions of development (including globalization) as related to environmental change, both in Northern and Southern countries.

What will I learn?

Key concepts, critiques and empirical experiences in understanding the process of (local to national) development and its many implications for people, communities, nations and different ecosystems around the world; engages the last decade of attempts at sustainable development- whats working, what's not and for whom (i.e., among different classes, genders, ethnicities and nations around the world). Addresses many of the difficult political movements, decisions and impacts at multiple levels; strongly interdisciplinary.You will develop the analytical and practical tools to be able to see how different countries have followed or deviated from conventional approaches to development, what they are trying to do differently and especially the trade offs involved in attempting to link socio-economic development with environmental sustainability.

How do I succeed in the class?

Do assigned readings, come to every class with an open mind and willingness to actively discuss the readings, watch videos, participate in class exercises, and develop an engaging and critical understanding of the often contested process of development.