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Recent News

Cory is on sabbatical until August 2015.

We are seeking one new postdoc to study C and nutrient cycling in tropical forest

Megan's first, first-authored paper on N fixation and P acquisition in tropical forest trees accepted for publication in Ecology Letters!

Check out Ben Sullivan's new paper on N fixation in PNAS!

Lab postdocs Ben Sullivan and Silvia Alvarez-Clare land faculty positions! Congratulations, Ben & Silvia!

Cory is a contributing author to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

NCEAS Project explores primary production and nutrient limitation in tropical forests

Prospective Students

Graduate Student Opportunities in Ecosystem Ecology and Biogeochemistry, Department of Ecosystem & Conservation Sciences, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

Graduate student opportunities: I am continuously looking for intelligent, creative, and highly motivated students interested in developing independent projects (M.S. or Ph.D.) in terrestrial ecosystem ecology and/or soil biogeochemical cycling. Students will be encouraged to contribute to ongoing research in tropical rain forest ecosystems, or to developing projects that address questions that are locally or regionally focused. Aspiring Ph.D. students interested in pursing research in the following areas are especially encouraged to contact me: i) the effects of global environmental change on soil carbon cycling, nutrient cycling and ecosystem processes;, ii) links between microbial community structure and soil biogeochemical processes; iii) the relationships between aboveground and belowground diversity and ecosystem processes. Students with experience using molecular microbiological techniques will be given especially strong consideration.

In general, the most competitive candidates will have a strong record of academic excellence, some prior field and/or laboratory experience, and a demonstrated interest in soils and/or ecosystems research.

If you are interested in discussing specific opportunities, please contact me directly via email at:, and please include a current resume or CV and a brief letter of interest, including research interests, professional goals and prior experience.

Updated 3/6/2010


For questions about the research we do, or for information about opportunities in the lab, please contact me directly.

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