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Faculty and Staff

Ballantyne, Ashley -Assistant Professor of Bioclimatology
Phone: 406-243-6791 | Office: CHCB 435

Cleveland, Cory -Associate Professor of Terrestrial Biogeochemistry
Phone: (406) 243-6018 | Office: CHCB 423B

Crabtree, Robert -Research Associate Professor
Phone: (406) 556-1414 | Office: Yellowstone Ecological Research Center

Dreitz, Victoria -Assistant Professor, Wildlife Biology Program; Director, Avian Science Center
Phone: 406-243-5476 | Office: Forestry 312A

Eby, Lisa -Associate Professor of Aquatic Vertebrate Ecology
Phone: (406) 243-5984 | Office: BioResearch 103

Harris, Richard -Adjunct Research Associate Professor of Wildlife Conservation
Phone: 406-542-6399 | Office: NS 205

Hebblewhite , Mark -Associate Professor of Ungulate Habitat Ecology
Phone: 406-243-6675 | Office: FOR 304

Kimball , John S. -Research Professor
Phone: (406) 982-3301 | Office: Flathead Lake Biological Station

Krausman, Paul -Boone and Crockett Professor of Wildlife Conservation
Phone: 406-243-6011 | Office: FOR 308

Lekberg, Ylva -Adjunct Assistant Professor of Soil Community Ecology
Phone: | Office: MPG Ranch, 1001 S. Higgins Ave. Suite A3

Lukacs, Paul M. -Assistant Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Ecology
Phone: 406-243-5675 | Office: FOR 307

Mills, L. Scott -Professor of Wildlife Population Ecology
Phone: 406-243-5552 | Office: FOR 307

Mitchell, Michael -Adjunct Research Professor of Wildlife Conservation; Leader of Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit
Phone: 406-243-4390 | Office: NS 205

Naugle, Dave -Professor Large Scale Wildlife Ecology
Phone: 406-243-5364 | Office: FOR 309

Nelson, Cara -Associate Professor of Restoration Ecology; Program Director, Wildland Restoration Major
Phone: 406-243-6066 | Office: CHCB 463

Pletscher, Daniel -Professor of Wildlife Biology, Emeritus
Phone: 406-243-5292 | Office:

Reed, Sasha -Adjunct Research Ecologist
Phone: 435-719-2334 | Office: Canyonlands Research Station, 2290 S West Resource Blvd., Moab, UT 84532

Running, Steve -Regents Professor of Ecology; Director, Numerical Terradynamics Simulation Group
Phone: (406) 243-6311 | Office: CHCB 428

Sala, Anna -Professor
Phone: (406) 243-6009 | Office: NATURAL SCIENCES 117A

Schwartz, Michael -Adjunct Reseach Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology
Phone: 406-542-4161 | Office: USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, 800 E Beckwith Ave.

Servheen, Chris -Adjunct Research Associate Professor of Wildlife Conservation; Grizzly Bear Recovery Coodinator
Phone: 406-243-4903 | Office: UH 309

Six, Diana -Professor of Forest Entomology/Pathology; Chair, Department of Ecosystems & Conservation Sciences
Phone: 406-243-5573 | Office: Bioresearch 104

Thomas, Jack Ward -Boone and Crockett Professor Emeritus
Phone: 406- | Office:

Tonnessen, Kathy -Adjunct Research Assistant Professor; National Park Service Liaison to Rocky Mountain Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit
Phone: 406-243-4449 | Office: FOR 103

Wakimoto , Ronald -Professor of Forest Fire Science
Phone: 406-243-6201 | Office: FOR 203