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Interests and Projects

Lisa Eby

Photo of Lisa Eby

The Impact of Dam Removal on Native Fish

A major issue in stream and river restoration is the removal of barriers and dams on the landscape. Many small dams that were initially constructed for water diversion and irrigation have reached the end of their useful life, and are being considered for removal or restructuring more

Mark Hebblewhite

Photo of Mark Hebblewhite

Predators and Wildlife Corridors

The effects of predator restoration on terrestrial ecosystem dynamics; the benefits of wildlife corridors more

L. Scott Mills

Photo of L. Scott Mills

Restoring Wildlife Populations

Combining field data with population models and genetic analyses to help determine the most effective way to restore wildlife populations impacted by human perturbations more

Cara Nelson

Photo of Cara Nelson

Forest Restoration

Several research projects address forest restoration, including an evaluation of the use of prescribed fire and the effects of restoration activities on understory more

Dan Pletscher

Photo of Dan Pletscher

Endangered Species

Successful ecological restoration will require sound ecological knowledge as well as an ability to understand and work with people. more

Diana Six

Photo of Diana Six

Natural and Human-Caused Disturbances

Investigating how disturbance (natural or human-caused) affects ecosystems and whether restoration treatments are efficacious in returning systems to a state of pre-disturbance condition and function more