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The Fire/Fire Surrogates (FFS) study at Lubrecht Forest employs a randomized block design, with three blocks and four treatments, comprising a total of 12 treatment units. A grid of 36 permanent sample points is embedded within each 10-ha treatment unit, and modified Whittaker plots are randomly located at 10 of these points. A set of core variables is being measured or observed within this design by scientists and graduate students from each of the six disciplines (vegetation, fuels/fire behavior, soils, insects and disease, wildlife, utilization and economics) involved in the study. Outside scientists and graduate students are also welcome to use the Lubrecht FFS site for collaborative or complementary research, provided that the proposed work is compatible with and does not duplicate ongoing studies. Contact Carl Fiedler (FFS Site Leader) or Frank Maus (Lubrecht Forest Manager) if you have questions or ideas for research or collaboration. Participation is invited, but permission is required.
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