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Apply for a summer internship at Plum Creek! The Columbia Falls, Mont. office is hiring an environmental sciences intern for summer 2014. This paid intern will assist in completing fish and wildlife surveys, participate in management and research projects, and more. Send your resume to Alex Metcalf ASAP if you're interested in this $12-14/hr position in Montana this summer. Job details in pdf here

Who is my Undergraduate Advisor?

Current Grad Students

  • Theodore "Ted" Adams

    Photo of Theodore "Ted" Adams M.S. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Carl Seielstad

    Thesis Topic: Identifying and describing the distribution of fuel elements in sagebrush and chamise using terrestrial laser scanning.

    Email address:

  • Molly Barth

    Photo of Molly Barth M.S. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Andrew Larson

    Thesis Topic: My research focuses on how fire suppression has altered spation patterns of tree distribution in Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forests. My study site is the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot (YFDP). A 25.6 permanent sample plot located near Crane Flat in Yosemite National Park. 

    Email address:

  • Robert Campbell

    Photo of Robert Campbell Ph.D. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Tyron Venn

    Dissertation Topic: Analyzing the economic impacts associated with the utilization of forest woody biomass for use as biofuels for bioenergy production. 

    Email address:

  • Shawn Crimmins

    Photo of Shawn Crimmins Ph.D. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Solomon Dobrowski

    Dissertation Topic: I am studying the effects of climate change on species distributions and niche dynamics.

    Email address:

  • Jena Ferrarese

    Photo of Jena Ferrarese M.S. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Carl Seielstad

    Thesis Topic: As part of the National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis, I am using terrestrial laser scanning to improve characterization of western conifer crown profiles and allocation/distribution of biomass within the crowns.

    Email address:

  • Woongsoon Jang

    Ph.D. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Christopher Keyes

    Dissertation Topic: I study the long-term effect of woody biomass utilization level and prescribed burning treatment on stand productivity and vegetation at Coram Experimental Forest, MT. 

    Email address:

  • Dong-Wook Kim

    Photo of Dong-Wook Kim Ph.D. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Woodam Chung

    Dissertation Topic: My research topic is about woody biomass energy to present a proper forest woody biomass energy system. 

    Email address:

  • Signe Leirfallom

    Photo of Signe Leirfallom M.S. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Solomon Dobrowski

    Thesis Topic: My research explores whitebark pine regeneration dynamics after large, stand-replacing fire relative to the health of the unburned, "seed source" stand. 

    Email address:

  • Yang "Lyric" Liu

    Photo of Yang "Lyric" Liu M.S. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Edwin Burke

    Thesis Topic: My research focuses on the effects that screw-type fasteners have on the bearing strength of wood. This work is directly related to the strength of wood-to-wood and steel-to-wood joints using high-strength, small-diameter machine-driven screws that do not use lead holes. My goal is to provide design engineers and architects new reference data and methodology for calculating joint design values for many sizes and types of these newly-developed wood fasteners.

    Email address:

  • Michael McGinty

    Photo of Michael McGinty M.S. Student, Resource Conservation
    Advisor: Steve Siebert

    Thesis Topic: I am a first year Resource Conservation student working with International Conservation and Development and Agroforestry. I will be leaving for the Peace Corps in roughly one year. 

    Email address:

  • Chelsea McIver

    Photo of Chelsea McIver M.S. Student, Resource Conservation
    Advisor: Beth Dodson

    Thesis Topic: Who Gets the Work? Measuring local benefit of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program in the Southwestern Crown of the Continent, Montana

    Email address:

  • Emily Okal

    M.S. Student, Resource Conservation - International Conservation and Development
    Advisor: Steve Siebert

    Thesis Topic: I will be studying the effects on soil conditions of traditional Chagga farming in the region of Kilimanjaro in the country of Tanzania. I will be working on small farms that have implemented this style of farming at different times (0,1-2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 years ago) and comparing various soil conditions -- such as pH, CEC, soil nutrients, soil temperature, etc...

    Email address:

  • Joseph St. Peter

    Photo of Joseph St. Peter M.S. Student, Forestry
    Advisor: Stephen Siebert

    Thesis Topic: Modeling vulnerability of rangeland goods and services to climate change. 

    Email address:

  • Bridget Tinsley

    Photo of Bridget Tinsley M.S. Student, Resource Conservation - International Conservation and Development
    Advisor: Steve Siebert

    Thesis Topic: As a first year Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia I am still letting thesis ideas develop as I integrate in my community. Resource conservation use regarding soil erosion, developing bamboo product market, environmental education and tree nursery management are all projects that I am currently involved in.

    Email address: