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Faculty and Staff

Affleck, David -Associate Professor of Forest Biometrics; Director of the Inland Northwest Growth & Yield Cooperative
Phone: 406-243-4186 | Office: CHCB 430

Alaback, Paul -Professor Emeritus of Forest Ecology
Phone: 406-243-5521 | Office:

Allred, Brady -Assistant Professor of Rangeland Ecology
Phone: 406-243-5150 | Office: CHCB 405

Burke, Edwin -Professor of Wood Science & Technology; Chair, Department of Forest Management
Phone: 406-243-5157 | Office: SH 105

Dobrowski, Solomon -Associate Professor of Forest Landscape Ecology
Phone: (406) 243-6068 | Office: CHCB 438

Dodson, Beth -Associate Professor of Integrated Natural Resource; Program Director, Forestry Major
Phone: 406-243-5542 | Office: FOR 201B

Fiedler, Carl -Research Professor of Silviculture
Phone: 406-243-5602 | Office: FOR 208A

Goodburn, John -Associate Professor of Silviculture
Phone: (406) 243-4295 | Office: CHCB 409

Jackson, David -Professor Emeritus Resource Economics & Policy
Phone: 406-721-3364 | Office: Home Office

Jencso, Kelsey -Assistant Professor, Watershed Hydrologist
Phone: 406-243-6793 | Office: CHCB 423A

Keyes, Christopher R. -Associate Research Professor of Silviculture
Phone: 406-243-6051 | Office: FOR 208A

Kolb, Peter -Associate Professor of Forest Ecology & Management
Phone: 406-243-4705 | Office: FOR 209

Larson, Andrew -Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology
Phone: 406-243-5532 | Office: CHCB 404

Metcalf, Alexander L. -Assistant Research Professor; Assistant Director,
Phone: 406-243-6673 | Office: CHCB 440

Pfister, Robert -Research Professor Emeritus, Forest Ecology
Phone: | Office:

Potts, Donald F. -Professor Emeritus of Watershed Management
Phone: 406-243-5521 | Office:

Queen, LLoyd Paul -Professor of Remote Sensing; Director, National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis
Phone: 406-243-5529 | Office: CHCB 428

Riddering, James -Adjunct Research Assistant Professor; Remote Sensing Program Manager, National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis
Phone: 406-243-6255 | Office: CHCB 444

Rothell, Marie L. -Administrative Associate III
Phone: 406-243-5529 | Office: CHCB 401

Seielstad, Carl -Associate Research Professor; Fire/Fuels Program Manager, National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis
Phone: 406-243-6200 | Office: CHCB 439

Siebert, Stephen F. -Professor of Tropical Forest Conservation and Management
Phone: 406-243-4661 | Office: CHCB 406

Venn, Tyron -Associate Professor of Natural Resource Economics
Phone: 406-243-6702 | Office: FOR 207A

Zuuring , Hans -Professor Emeritus of Forest Biometry
Phone: 406-243-5529 | Office: FOR 304