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Travel, Research, and Education Experience (TREE) Grant Program for Students in Wildland Fire Science and Management
Application deadline: August 15, 2013

Watch a video about the UM prescribed fire practicum's work with The Nature Conservancy in Georgia. Each wintersession, students and faculty spend three weeks restoring longleaf pine forests with prescribed fire in this three-credit experiential learning course.

Find out more about our Student Association of Fire Ecology and Management Chapter. They participate in local prescribed burns, hold monthly meetings, participate in networking events with local fire professionals, and work on other joint projects and research. Send an email to

Photo of Dodson, Beth

Beth Dodson

Associate Professor of Integrated Natural Resource; Program Director, Forestry Major


BS Forest Resource Management, University of Idaho, 1997

MS Forest Engineering, Oregon State University, 1999
Thesis title: “Hungry Bob harvest production study: mechanical thinning for fuel reduction in the Blue Mountains of northeast Oregon”

MBA, Oregon State University, 2002

PhD, Forest Engineering, Oregon State University, 2004
Dissertation title: “Setting Forest Road Maintenance and Upgrade Priorities Based on Environmental Effects and Expert Judgment”

Courses Taught

  • FOR 341 Timber Harvesting and Forest Roads (spring)
  • FOR 435 Advanced Timber Harvesting and Forest Roads (fall)
  • FOR 436 Forest Operations Analysis and Project Planning (next offered fall 2010)
  • FOR 440 Timber Management I (fall)
  • FOR 441 Timber Management II (spring)

Research Interests

  • Harvest, pre-processing, and transportation of woody biomass
  • Opeational forest planning for multiple goals
  • Implementation of forest restoration treatments
  • Forest road design, construction, maintenance, and management considering both environmental and economic impacts



Recent Graduate Students

Christine Paulu. May 2007. Forest habitat improvement planning on the Blackfoot-Clearwater Wildlife Management Area: A case study in multiple-criteria decision-analysis. MS Thesis.

Matt Shaffer. May 2007. A review of appeals and litigation over timber sales between 1999 and 2008 on the Lolo National Forest. MS Professional Paper.

Selected Publications

  • Dodson, E.M., W. Chung, K. Mills, R. Nall, J. Sessions, G. Zartman. 2007. Transportation planning to determine low volume road standards, long term needs, and environmental risks and tradeoffs. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 1989, Vol. 1, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C., 2007, pp. 11-19. 
  • Dodson, E.M, T. Deboodt, and G. Hudspeth. 2006. Production and Cost Estimates for Two Western Juniper Extraction Systems. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 21(4):185-194.
  • Coulter, E.D.*, J. Sessions., M. Wing. 2006. Scheduling Road Maintenance Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process and Heuristics. Silva Fennica. 40(1):143-160.
  • Coulter, E.D.*, J. Coakley, J. Sessions. 2006. The Analytic Hierarchy Process: A Tutorial for Use in Prioritizing Forest Road Investments to Minimize Environmental Effects. International Journal of Forest Engineering  17(2):51-69.
  • Dodson, E.M., M.E. Patterson. 2006. Rethinking Educational Models for Natural Resource Students.  In: Proceedings of the 29th Meeting of the Council on Forest Engineering, July 30-August 2, 2006, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.
  • Coulter, E.D.*, D. Young, D. Lysne, and T. Edwards. 2005. Developing and Communicating Road Management Alternatives.  In: Proceedings of the 28th Meeting of the Council on Forest Engineering, July 11-14, 2005, Fortuna, California.

*Published under the name Elizabeth Dodson Coulter

Recent Graduate Students: