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USFS Middle Leader Program


USFS Middle Leader Program - Tuition: $3900 (For all cohorts going through the program during calendar year 2014)

The MLP is offered to three 32-person cohorts each year. These offerings include the "Northern cohort" based in the northern Rockies of the US, the "Southwestern cohort" based in southern Rockies of the US, and the "Pacific Southwest cohort" based in California. All three cohorts feature very similar curricula and presenters, while also reflecting some of the regional differences within the USFS.

Each USFS Middle Leader Program is comprised of three one-week class room modules, covering topics as wide ranging and “leading change”, developing “emotional maturity”, critical decision-making, leading teams, working in collaborative settings, understanding the difference between “managing” and “leading”, and many other challenging areas.

We typically pair an academic person/perspective with a senior-level USFS person/perspective within the class room, always encouraging real dialogue by creating a “safe space” for transformative interaction to occur. Other aspects of our program include an opportunity for participants to undertake a series of personal assessments, including Myers-Briggs, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and a 360 degree assessment. All of which are integrated into classroom discussion and activities. Each participant is additionally assigned a professional coach with whom they are able to process their class room learning as well and the information from the personal assessments in the development of a personal career development plan.

Our facilitators and presenters include a diverse group of leadership specialists from universities, the US Forest Service, private industry and interest groups. Presenters will provide a theoretical and practical framework from which to practice leadership in every-day life and work. Instruction is targeted towards any eligible US Forest Service employee either interested in moving into a leadership position with the US Forest Service or simply becoming a better leader in their current position. The only pre-requisites are an open mind, a sincere desire for professional (and personal) growth, and the willingness to move beyond your "comfort zone". 

Tuition - Tuition is set at $3900 per student for this course, which pays for all class room instruction and materials for the course. It does not include participant travel costs or per diem.

You can learn more about each of the three cohort offerings by using the links menu to the right.