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College of Forestry and Conservation


Cara Nelson
Cara R. Nelson
Associate Professor of Restoration Ecology

Jeremy Amberson
M.S. Student
Thesis: Whitebark pine regeneration dynamics following overstory mortality from mountain pine beetle 

Juliann AukemaJuliann Aukema
Research Consultant

Brian FauverKevin Carns
Undergraduate Researcher, Wildland Restoration Program

Ashley GrantAshley S. Grant Juran
Research Coordinator

Alexis JonesAlexis Gibson
Ph.D. Student
Dissertation: Maximizing competitive and adaptive potential of native plant materials for revegetation projects: local ecotypes versus cultivars.

Sean ParksSean Parks
Ph.D. Student
The effect of past disturbance events on the extent and magnitude of future disturbances in forested landscapes of the western U.S.

Brian FauverKatherine Sampson
Undergraduate Researcher, Wildland Restoration Program

Kali PennickSusan Snetsinger
Research Scientist

Former Lab Members

Ilana AbrahamsonIlana Abrahamson
M.S.Forestry 2009
Thesis: Assessing the performance of sampling designs for measuring abundance of understory plants after forest restoration.

Gunnar CarnwathGunnar C. Carnwath
Ph.D. Forestry 2012
Dissertation: Effects of competition and environmental factors on climate-growth relationships: implications for climate change and forest management in the Inland Northwest.

Ashley GrantAshley S. Grant Juran
M.S.Forestry 2009
Thesis: Restoration of native plant communities after road decommissioning: effect of seed mix and soil properties on vegetative establishment.

Cara NelsonEva S. Masin
M.S. Resource Conservation 2011
Thesis: Can sheep control leafy sprurge without compromising efforts to restore native plants?

viktoria wagnerViktoria Wagner
Postdoctoral Researcher (2011-2012)
Research:  Effects of herbicide application on native wild plants