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College of Forestry and Conservation

Prospective Students

The Restoration Ecology Lab currently is NOT accepting applications for graduate student assistants. However, there is a PhD position open on one of my research collaborations - an investigation of the ecology and restoration of whitebark pine - that is being conducted with Dr. Andrew Larson (College of Forestry and Conservation) and Dr. Anna Sala (Division of Biological Sciences). Dr. Larson will serve as the student's supervisor. For details on this position and application instruction, see announcement in "Recent News".

Future available positions in the Restoration Ecology Lab will be advertised here and through ECOLOG (the Ecological Society of America’s listserve).

If you 1) have a strong record of academic achievement, 2) are interested in seeking your own research support, and 3) have initial ideas about hypotheses you are interested in testing, I strongly encourage you to apply for a competitive graduate student assistantship through the National Science Foundation or Environmental Protection Agency. If you would like me to consider mentoring you through the proposal process, please email a letter stating your general research interests and specific proposal ideas, a resume or CV, and academic transcripts to:

Thanks for your interest in the Lab!

- Cara




UPDATED: September, 2011