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Featured Projects

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Social Science in Support of Impact Mitigation of Rehabilitation of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park

Student: Melissa Baker, Ph.D Candidate
Faculty: Wayne Freimund, Ph.D.

The Going-to-the-Sun Road (GTSR) is the primary road through and a featured attraction of Glacier National Park (GNP). Completed in 1932, the road connects the east and west entrances of the park and allows visitors to traverse the variety of ecosystems that exist within the park. A featured attraction ..... read more.

 Bison“to conserve … the wildlife therein & to provide for the enjoyment of the same” (from the 1916 NPS Organic Act) 

Faculty: Michael Patterson, Wayne Freimund
Student: Wylie Carr

The National Park Service is a steward, not just of natural resources, but also of deeply held values Americans associate with nature and public lands. Biological data plays an important role in informing NPS decision making, but so does social data..... read more.

CanoeSocial Science at the Boundary: Understanding Changing Human Relationships with Wilderness 

Faculty: William Borrie
Student: Robert Dvorak 

Since the passage of the Wilderness Act in 1964 wilderness managers have been charged with the challenging goals of protecting the resource while also providing appropriate and high quality recreation experiences across wild landscapes laden with diverse social and ecological more.