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Photo of Chung                                             , Woodam

Woodam Chung

Associate Professor of Forest Operations

  • College of Forestry and Conservation
  • 32 Campus Drive
  • The University of Montana
  • Missoula, MT 59812

Curriculum Vitae: View/Download CV

Personal Summary

Woodam Chung is an Associate Professor of Forest Operations in the Department of Forest Management at The University of Montana. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, and received his B.S. and M.S. in Forestry from Seoul National University, Korea. After he spent two years in Indonesia working in Forestry and Agriculture as an international volunteer, he came to Oregon and received his Ph.D. in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University. At the University of Montana, he has been teaching courses and conducting research in the fields of forest roads, woody biomass, forest planning, and GIS. He has been active in developing decision-support systems for forest transportation planning, forest operations design, and spatially-constrained harvest scheduling. He played a major role in the development of NETWORK2000, CPLAN, SlopeRunner, SNAP for ArcGIS, OptFuels heuristic solver, and Weed Treatment Planner (WTP). His decision support tools have been used by the USDA Forest Service, state agencies, industry, and researchers in the United States and many other countries.


PhD, Forest Engineering, Oregon State University, 2002
MS, Forestry, Seoul National University, Korea 1995
BS, Forestry, Seoul National University, Korea 1993

Research Interests

Forest operations
Transportation planning
Harvest scheduling
Woody biomass utilization
GIS applications in forestry

Selected Publications

Chung, W., T. Venn, D. Loeffler, G. Jones, H. Han, and D. Calkin. 2012. Assessing the Potential for Log Sort Yards to Improve Financial Viability of Forest Restoration Treatments. Forest Science (in press)

Contreras, M., R. Parsons, W. Chung. 2012. Modeling tree-level fuel connectivity to evaluate the effectiveness of thinning treatments for reducing crown fire potential. Forest Ecology and Management 264: 134-149. doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2011.10.001

Chung, W., D.P. Dykstra, F. Bower, S.A. O’Brien, R.M. Abt, and J. Sessions. 2012. User’s Guide to SNAP for ArcGIS®: ArcGIS Interface for Scheduling and Network Analysis Program. USDA Forest Service PNW-GTR-847. 34p.

Contreras, M., D. Affleck, W. Chung. 2011. Evaluating tree competition indices as predictors of basal area increment in western Montana forests. Forest Ecology and Management 262: 1939-1949. doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2011.08.031

Bruce, J. C., H. Han, A.E. Akay, and W. Chung. 2011. ACCEL: Spreadsheet-based Cost Estimation for Forest  Road Construction. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 26(4): 189-197.

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Han, H., K. Jang, J. Song, A. Seol, W. Chung, and J. Chung. 2011. The effects of site factors on herb species diversity in Kwangneung forest stands. Forest Scienc and Technology 7(1): 1-7.

Jones, G., D. Loeffler, D. Calkin, and W. Chung. 2010. Forest treatment residues for thermal energy compared with disposal by onsite burning: Emissions and energy return. Biomass and Bioenergy, doi:10.1016/j.biombioe.2010.01.016

Contreras, M., W. Chung, and G. Jones. 2008. Applying ant colony optimization (ACO) metaheuristic to solve forest transportation planning problems with side constraints. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 38: 2896-2910.

Chung, W., J. Stückelberger, K. Aruga, and T. Cundy. 2008. Forest Road Network Design Using a Trade-off Analysis between Skidding and Road Construction Costs. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 38(3): 439-448.

Rackely, J. and W. Chung. 2008. Incorporating forest road erosion into forest resource transportation planning; a case study in the Mica Creek Watershed in Northern Idaho, U.S.A. Transactions of ASABE 51(1): 115-127.

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Aruga, K., W. Chung, A. Akay, J. Sessions, and E. Miyata. 2007. Incorporating soil sediment into forest road alignment optimization. International Journal of Forest Engineering 18 (1): 24-32.