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Application Due Date

Application Deadline:  Monday, February 17, 2014

We are no longer accepting applications

Sample Thank You Letter

Scholarship donors and representatives enjoy receiving letters from students who benefit from their scholarships.  Included below is some information that will help you write a thank you letter to your scholarship donor/representative.

Thank You Letter Guidelines:

  1. Your letter must be typed and sent electronically to in a Microsoft WORD format no later than Friday, April 18th.
  2. Address your letter to the scholarship donor/representative.  If your scholarship has more than one donor/representative, submit a letter for each.  You may use the same letter body for all recipients, changing the salutation on each letter.
  3. Once you have submitted your letter, the Director of Development and Alumni Relations will proofread your final draft for spelling and grammatical errors.  Your scholarship donor’s impression of you will be impacted by any spelling or grammatical errors contained in the letter.
  4. All letters will be ready to be signed by Friday April 25th in the Forestry Main Office and must be signed by Friday, May 9th along with your letter of acceptance.

 Sample Letter Format:
Sample Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter Processing:

The College of Forestry and Conservation will send your letter to your scholarship donor/ representative.  You do not need to provide an envelope or stamp.

(PDF Version)