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Spring 2014 Commencement:

Saturday, May 17
Main Ceremony - 10:00am
   Washington Grizzly Stadium
CFC Ceremony - 12:00pm
   Adams Center West Gym
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Graduation Application Deadlines:

Graduate Students
05/08/2014 for Summer 2014
09/15/2014 for Fall 2014
(Late applications will not be accepted)

02/03/2014 for Summer 2014
03/03/2014 for Fall 2014

Student Organizations

American Fisheries Society

Get involved, advance your career goals, and have fun as part of the oldest and largest society for professional fisheries scientists in the world. The UM subunit of AFS is open to all UM students. UM AFS provides members with a way to learn more about local fisheries issues, make contacts with professionals, learn about current internships and job announcements, and get involved with local conservation efforts like river cleanup, restoration projects, and even a fishing trip or two.

First meeting Sept. 5, 6pm in Forestry 305; every other Thursday after

Faculty Advisor:  Lisa Eby
President:  Tracy Wendt
Vice President:  Katie Rayfield
Secretary Treasurer: Paul Nicoletti
Outreach Coordinator:  Sarah DeNitto
American Fisheries Society Website

Fire Club

The UM Student Association of Fire Ecology and Management (UM-SAFEM) connects students, faculty, and community members from diverse backgrounds with a network of fire peers, active fire managers, and fire ecologists. We provide an open forum on fire ecology and management that facilitates networking within the fire management community, providing career training and experience for students enrolled at UM and aiding ongoing fire research.

Meetings held bimonthly on Thursdays at 6:00pm in CHCB 426

President:  Michael Landgren or club email
Vice President:  Joe Kase
Treasurer:  Geoff Hibbs and Erik Alnes
Secretary: Michelle Matthews

Fire Club Facebook Page

Foresters' Ball

The Foresters’ Ball is a 97-year old tradition that was originally, and still is, a scholarship fundraiser for students who volunteer their time, regardless of their major or departmental affiliation. Past figures for total annual scholarships awarded have been in excess of $6,000. In recent years, the Foresters’ Ball has helped raise money for other student organizations.

97th Ball is March 21 & 22, 2014

Faculty Advisor:  Beth Dodson
Chief Push:  Evan Neal
Foresters' Ball Website
Foresters' Ball Facebook Page

Forestry Student Association (aka Forestry Club)

The Forestry Club brings students  together to discuss and participate in numerous school-related events such as the Annual Foresters' Ball, the UM Woodsman’s Team, and the Lubrecht Experimental Forest Section 13 management, along with many other events.

Meetings held on Wednesdays at 7:00pm in FOR 206.

Faculty Advisor:  Beth Dodson
President:  Clay Stephenson
Vice President:  Julian Robinson
Forestry Club Website

Graduate Student Association

UM's Graduate Student Association works to improve the quality of education for graduate students, communicate and support research interests of graduate students, recommend members for policy making and administrative committees on campus, and overall, advocate for graduate student concerns.

Graduate Student Association Website

Montana Druids

The Montana Druids is an honors organization within the College of Forestry and Conservation. We work for the best interest of the College including, but not limited to: uniting the student body, promoting better relationships between the students within the school and its alumni, and assisting other student groups in their functions through silent, steady work and united effort.

Faculty Advisor:  Ron Wakimoto
President:  Julian Robinson

Montana Recreation and Parks Association (Student Chapter)

The Student Chapter of the Montana Recreation and Parks Association is a pre-professional organization for UM students pursuing a career in Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management. We work to facilitate interaction between students and professionals and provide opportunities for students to gain real-world, hands-on experience while working with local, state, and national organizations that provide recreation services.

Faculty Advisor:  Bill Borrie
President:  Katherine Bascom
Vice President:  Garrett Koepke
Secretary:  Jordan Seder
Treasurer:  Morgan Sanden

Society for Conservation Biology

The Montana Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (MTSCB) is a state chapter of an international professional organization dedicated to promoting the scientific study of the phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity. The mission of the Montana Chapter is to promote science and the application of the principles of conservation biology to Montana's local, regional, and statewide diversity. The chapter’s membership comprises a wide range of people interested in the conservation and study of biological diversity: resource managers, educators, government and private conservation workers, and students. 

President:  Jessie Golding

Montana Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology

Society and Conservation Department Graduate Students (SoCon Grads)

We provide a professional and social support network for College of Forestry and Conservation grad students while deepening the exchange between grad students, undergrads and faculty. We want to make the transition to graduate studies easier for returning students nd provide resources that enable success in grad school. The group seeks to provide a diversity of activities that may be professionally, socially or service oriented.

Faculty Advisor:  Norma Nickerson
Chair:  Jake Jorgenson
SoCon Grads Website

Society of American Foresters (Student Chapter)

Our group is part of a nationally recognized society promoting the advancement of scientific forestry and all of its related aspects. We hold biweekly meetings that host academic speakers from the professional forestry world and participate in community events. Our group’s history is tied in with The University of Montana’s own College of Forestry and Conservation as the practice of forestry in America developed in this region; many prominent foresters have come from both the University as well as the SAF. This year we're sending members to the national SAF convention and developing a management plan for city-owned land in Marshall Canyon.

Meetings held on Mondays at 6:00pm in FOR 206.

Faculty Advisor:  Chris Keyes
Chair:  George Gaines or club email
Vice Chair:  Tayler Fink
Treasurer:  Josh Meek

Student Recreation Association

We are a student-lead group in the College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana.  We provide recreation opportunities to students and assist Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management and other CFC majors throughout their time at UM. We plan several recreation trips each year including Glacier National Park and a guided raft trip down one of Montana’s rivers. We also engage in community service. Each year we help out with the Missoula Parks and Recreation Fall Family Fest and plan events with local school groups. Besides volunteering, we also construct the mess hall for the Foresters' Ball, which gives students a chance for Ball Scholarships. Come join our dynamic group and participate in all the recreation fun we offer!

Meetings held on Thursdays at 7:00pm in FOR 106.

Faculty Advisor:  Libby Metcalf
President:  Ethan Ryan
Vice President:  Madeline Rubida
Student Recreation Association Website

UM Society for Ecological Restoration

The UM Society for Ecological Restoration introduces students to the practice of ecological restoration,  provides hands-on restoration experience, and provides students with opportunities to network with experts and enthusiasts. Our current projects and programs:

  • Assisting in the restoration of 200 ha of native Palouse prairie on Mt. Sentinel, directly east of the University campus
  • Promoting the use of native gardening by establishing and maintaining an educational native plant garden that mimics the landscape of the Missoula Valley
  • Hosting restoration events to provide opportunities for students to gain professional experience and to build relationships with diverse members of the restoration community

Faculty Advisors:  Cara Nelson and Marilyn Marler
President:  Caleb Dysethe
UM Society for Ecological Restoration Website

Wildlife Society (Student Chapter)

The Wildlife Society is an international, non-profit, scientific and educational organization comprised of professionals serving the resource management fields, especially wildlife ecology and management.  The principle objectives of the Society are to:

  • Develop and promote responsible stewardship of wildlife resources and the environments upon which wildlife and humans depend
  • Undertake an active role in preventing human-induced environmental degradation
  • Increase awareness and appreciation of wildlife values
  • Seek the highest standards of professionalism in all activities

Meetings held on Tuesdays at 6:00pm in FOR 305.

President:  Kelsey Hay
Vice President:  Kelly Bertellotti
Wildlife Society Website

Woodsman Team

The University of Montana Woodsman Team is a student run group that meets once a week directly after Forestry Club usually around 7:30pm in room 206 in the Forestry building.  We compete in Collegiate Timbersport events such as axe throwing, pole climbing, crosscut sawing, log rolling, chopping, and other events designed to emulate traditional logging practices.  We travel all over the northwest United States to compete against schools such as Oregon State University, University of Idaho, Colorado State University, and Flathead Valley Community College.  If you are interested in joining, contact the team captains or email us at

Meetings held on Wednesdays at 7:30pm in FOR 206.

Faculty Advisor:  LLoyd Queen
Co-Captains:  Mike Wolf (406) 270-9812, and Emily Grotbo (406) 750-5670