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Rachel Mansfield -
Study Abroad Alumni

Rachel Mansfield

"My experiences studying abroad to Australia and Fiji are among the best in my life. The programs are field-based meaning you are immersed in the culture, environment, and your learning. Intellectually I was challenged and felt rewarded upon the completion of my programs. Socially I was satisfied and made friends that I experienced the world with, our bonds will last a lifetime." Rachel Mansfield.

Grizzlies Abroad!

The College of Forestry and Conservation at The University of Montana is now proud to offer students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience of natural ecosystems in the Asia - Pacific region. These field-based, faculty-led, experiential classes focus on the environmental and conservation concerns, as well as the modern & traditional cultures, of Australia, TeachingNew Zealand, Fiji, Vietnam and Indian Himalaya.

Our courses are intense, academically rigorous, and interdisciplinary in design, such that they are suitable for students of all backgrounds and majors. We believe that today's environmental and conservation issues will take complex, integrated, global approaches that will transcend international boundaries.

Studying environments and cultures far from our home not only sharpens our own knowledge and priorities, but also introduces different views, different values, and different approaches. We run programs in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vietnam and the Indian Himalaya because they are ideal and unique places to study conservation and the sustainable management of natural resources. They each have amazing ecological diversity and complexity, vibrant indigenous & modern cultures, and challenging issues of economic, social, and ecological sustainability. These places are also stunningly beautiful, offering outstanding opportunities for outdoor and adventure experiences, with friendly and welcoming locals.








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