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September 13th through 15th, 2012 -- Missoula, MT

75th Videos

Conservation Media (owned and operated by Jeremy Roberts, '03) produced seven films for our 75th Anniversary. The longest piece (11 minutes) is "The University of Montana Wildlife Biology Program: 75 years" and it covers the Program's first 75 years of history. This film includes brief segments on former faculty: John J. Craighead, Dick Taber, Bart O'Gara, Les Pengelly, and Phil Wright. We premiered this piece at our 75th Anniversary.

The next six films are shorter (averaging 3 minutes) and focus on specific, current faculty and students: Mark Hebblewhite, Scott Mills, Dave Naugle, Erick Greene, Dick Hutto, and Ellen Brandell (and undergraduate student).

Finally, thanks to Jim Habeck, Emeritus Adjunct Professor, we have footage of our 75th Anniversary presentations by Jack Ward Thomas, Joel Berger, Nora Carlson, and Morgan Sparks. These presentations were Mc'ed by Dan Pletscher, and, again are available on our YouTube Channel.

Please check out our video uploads, and continue to follow us on YouTube where we'll continue to post Program-related footage!

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