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"Matt was many things in his young twenty-three years: explorer, woodsman, historian, cowhand, conservationist, packer, poet. Whether on a train through Catalonia or on foot in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, he was both a traveler and at home. He saw things always as if for the first time and he wrote of the complexity of his seeing. Nothing is easy for a young man learning his way, but in Matt's case, the way was filled with beauty and brilliance and young crusty dignity." ~James Welch, from the Introduction to Clearing, by Matthew Hansen, The Kutenai Press, Missoula 1986.

Matt died of cancer at the age of 23 on April 9, 1984

College of Forestry and Conservation

Matthew Hansen Endowment

Matthew Hansen

Matt presents at UM

The Matthew Hansen Endowment was established in 1984 as a memorial to Matthew and his ideals. The Endowment provides funding for historical research, creative writing, and wilderness studies projects that explore Montana's land and people. We hope, as Matthew did, that projects awarded under this fund will encourage mindful stewardship of the land, both wild and cultivated, and contribute to the preservation of Montana's cultural heritage. The Endowment encourages proposals from anyone interested in furthering this goal.

Call for Proposals 2014 **Due March 1**

Call for Proposals 2014

Funded Projects 1985-2010

2014 Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines
Projects must focus on historical research, creative writing, wilderness studies, or any combination thereof. The committee recommends projects that can be completed in one year. Please submit:

Proposals must be hand-delivered or postmarked by March 1, to:

The Matthew Hansen Endowment
Wilderness Institute (UH 303)
School of Forestry and Conservation
The University of Montana
Missoula, Montana 59812

To contribute funds please contact the Montana Community Foundation:

Montana Community Foundation
Matthew Hansen Endowment
101 North Last Chance Gulch, Suite 211
Helena, Montana 59601

406-443-8313 or 800-443-8314 (Montana Only); email: