William Janousek

Photo of Janousek, William

William Janousek

PhD candidate, Fish & Wildlife Biology

Office Hours:

Office Hours Fall 2017 in FOR 314

Tuesday:  11am-12pm

Wednesday: 3-4pm

Personal Summary

I received a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation and Management from Kansas State University in 2007 and a M.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC - Santa Cruz in 2012. My master’s research focused on the effects of avian roosting behavior on the transmission dynamics of West Nile virus. In my spare time I enjoy playing ultimate and exploring the great outdoors.

Research Interests

I study the effects of habitat disturbance on forest songbird communities throughout the greater Rocky Mountain region. Historically, fire has long shaped forest ecosystems but increases in the intensity and frequency of fire due to climate change will have serious repercussions for wildlife dependent on forests. Elevated fire risk due to climate change also encourages land managers to actively manage forests. Fuel-reduction treatments have become a central tool in proactive management of forested lands as a fire control measure. However, the effects of fire fuel-reduction on forest bird diversity are less well known. The principal goal of my research is to provide forest managers with a comprehensive understanding of the effects of forest fire and the management actions used to control fire on bird diversity in western forests.