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Department of Society & Conservation

Department of Society and Conservation

The Department of Society and Conservation (SoCon) provides education, research and service in support of conserving nature and social well-being. From local to international scales, the human relationship with the environment is varied, complex, and increasingly challenging in the face of economic, social and technological change. Sound environmental decisions are well informed and involve the people who are directly affected by those decisions. SoCon aims to educate students and contribute research and service to natural resource management and sustainable conservation policy. We seek a better understanding of how human values and interests shape our experiences in nature, our natural resource institutions and the politics of environmental decision making.

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Community Forestry, Environmental Values and Philosophy, International Conservation and Development, Natural Resource Conflict Resolution, Natural Resource Policy, Nature based tourism, Political Ecology, Protected Area Management, Science, Philosophy, and Knowledge, Social and Environmental Justice, Wildland Recreation Experiences, Wilderness

Wayne FreimundChair

Wayne Freimund

Devi ZdziebkoAdmin Assistant

Devi Zdziebko