Learn outside

PTRM 150 raftingWe're surrounded by wildlands and wild animals. This is the perfect place to study natural resource and environmental challenges. In each of our five undergraduate degree programs, you'll spend outside on field trips and lab experiments. We even offer field-based courses, where you'll spend more time outside than in the classroom. 

Visiting the woods, streams, and grasslands around campus brings to life classroom learning. You will have the opportunity to learn by doing activities such as wildlife surveys, prescribed burning, and even trekking in the Himalaya

The college manages the 28,000-acre Lubrecht Forest, just 30 minutes from campus, and owns a ranch further up Montana's beautiful Blackfoot Valley.

With millions of acres of federal and state lands surrounding campus you'll DO land management and research projects. You'll work to solve natural resource and environmental challenges.

Watch Natasha explain how she gets real-world experience in the Ecological Restoration Program:

Read about real-world learning opportunities in each degree:
FORS 130 at Pattee Canyon

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