Jessica Brown

Jessica BrownJessica Brown’s spent two life-changing semesters doing field courses through the college. She spent a semester completing the Wilderness & Civilization program, going on field trips and spending some time in the classroom to learn about how humans and wilderness intersect. She also spent a semester living in the Swan Valley in a semester-long field course taught by Northwest Connections.

Jessica came to UM with 30 AP credits from Nashville, Tennessee, so she could afford to spend a few semesters outside. “I love these field courses,” Jessica says, “especially how both combined field work and academic work. I didn’t want to just go hiking for a semester.”

Because she was a Wilderness and Civilization alumnus, she qualified for a job as a wilderness ranger in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness last summer. She’s also interned for a local watershed education organization and now works at the Montana Department of Natural Resources as a policy and planning intern. Jessica worked with professor Libby Metcalf for an undergraduate research project this semester, interviewing landowners about a management plan for the Missouri River.

For both her degree-required practicum and summer jobs, Jessica has explored a variety of sectors and types of work. “By working as a ranger, for the DNRC, doing research and interning for a nonprofit, I have a really good idea of the types of work each place requires,” she says. She’ll spend the summer and next fall with DNRC and then she knows she’ll end up in a job that keeps her outside.

Jessica is graduating with a degree in Parks, Tourism & Recreation Management with a second major in Resource Conservation. She’s also getting a minor in Wilderness Studies and is a
member of the Davidson Honors College. She received the Leadership, Achievement, and Service Scholarship from UM and the William G. Kohner Memorial Scholarship from the CFC.