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Tourism and Sustainability - (PTRM 451)

Credits: 3 | Offered: Spring
Prerequisites: PTRM 210 and 217S (RECM 210 and 217S)
Instructor(s): Bosak

Who should take this course?

 Any student interested in learning about how ideas of sustainable development apply to the tourism industry. If you are thinking about working in the tourism industry in the US or abroad, this course will give you the skills to understand how to implement sustainable practices in the planning implementing and management of tourism.

Why is this class important?

Anyone interested in working in tourism needs to understand how ideas of sustainability can fit into all aspects of the industry so that tourism itself can be sustained through the maintenance of a healthy economy, environment and social relations.

What will I learn?

  • Understand and explore some basic concepts of development
  • Learn about the history and origins of sustainable development and the types of sustainability.
  • Critically analyze the concepts of development and sustainable development.
  • Explore and understand some basic concepts of tourism including the destination lifecycle model.
  • Be able to explain the economic, social and environmental impacts of tourism at a given destination and globally.
  • Critically analyze the sustainability of tourism at a given destination and globally.
  • Be able to define and differentiate between ecotourism, adventure tourism, responsible tourism and nature-based tourism. • Engage with current literature on sustainable tourism.
  • Identify and pursue more sophisticated questions for academic inquiry.
  • Find, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information effectively from diverse sources.
  • Manage multiple perspectives as appropriate.
  • Recognize the purposes and needs of discipline-specific audiences and adopt the academic voice necessary for the chosen discipline.
  • Use multiple drafts, revision, and editing in conducting inquiry and preparing written work.
  • Follow the conventions of citation, documentation, and formal presentation appropriate to that discipline.

Who teaches this class?

The instructor for this course is Keith Bosak, Assistant Professor of Nature-based Tourism and Recreation in the College of Forestry and Conservation. Keith brings to this cvlass his extensive experience with developing sustainable tourism in regions all over the world.

How do I succeed in the class?

The success of this course depends on lively in-class discussion. Therefore, students are expected to come to class everyday well-prepared and ready to discuss the assigned readings and topics from the lectures.