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Participation in professional organizations is important for continued self-improvement, but serving in leadership positions yeilds professional benefits to others. AFMP personnel have provided organizational leadership in the following capacities:

  • Society of American Foresters Missoula Chapter Chair (2010)
  • Inland Empire Reforestation Council Chair (2012)
  • Inland Empire Tree Improvement Cooperative Representative (2011-present)
  • Associate Editor, Western Journal of Applied Forestry (2011-present)
  • IUFRO Temperate Forest Regeneration working party Deputy Chair (2011-present)

Providing opportunites for effective science delivery and continuing education help contribute to achieving our mission. Toward this objective, the AFMP chaired or co-chaired the following symposia and conferences:

  • Montana Governor's Symposium on Bark Beetles (Missoula; 2008)
  • Montana Society of American Foresters State Meeting (Missoula; 2010)
  • Western Mensurationists Conference (Missoula; 2010)
  • World Conference on Ecological Restoration - Forest Restoration Session (Merida, Mexico; 2011)
  • Inland Empire Reforestation Council Annual Meeting (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; 2012)