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Serving Montana - Looking Back and Ahead

From the Director:

As the AFMP approaches its 5th anniversary, I am proud of what this lean, dynamic research and demonstration unit of the Montana Forest and Conservation Experiment Station (MFCES) has become. Our mission is a clear and straightforward one: to develop and promote silvicultural tools and techniques for the restoration and renewal of western forests. With a long-term perspective and a view to Montana’s future, we strive to address challenges identified by forest stewards and researchers. This rewarding mission guides our daily work.

The AFMP has proven a solid investment for the State of Montana. The MFCES supports an AFMP staff consisting of 1 program director (full-time), 1 research forester (half-time), and 1 nursery supervisor (half-time; student). Operating with a modest annual budget, we leverage this MFCES investment by writing and winning competitive grants, and by vigorously pursuing opportunities to collaborate with diverse cooperators. During the past 5 years, AFMP projects have brought more than $1.4 million to Montana. To complete our projects, we recruit and deploy a corps of motivated student assistants and volunteers. The result of this formula is an efficient and energetic program with outsized performance.

We love what we do, and we are proud that our work yields benefits to Montana forests and its stewards!

Chris Keyes, AFMP Director