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Students come from all over the world come to study wildlife biology in Montana, and for good reason. Our program, rated as the nation’s best, combines the expertise of wildlife managers, conservationists and ecologists to give students well-rounded training in wildlife and their habitat needs. Undergraduates and graduate students alike conduct cutting-edge research that blends hard and applied scientific principles, to produce scholarship for Montana and the world. 

With support from donors like you, we can continue to understand and protect our ever-changing natural world. During Campaign Montana, we will raise funds to support our research and teaching, and ensure we continue to be the very best there is. 

Private support for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows is especially meaningful. Graduate students are the lifeblood of a research institution, directly increasing our capacity to educate future professionals and accomplish research. In addition, resources to support graduate students help ensure well-educated, trained professionals for governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, and private businesses. Fellows also provide additional support for UM’s research and teaching, while gaining valuable hands-on training.

Our Priorities

Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellowships Funding to help support graduate students and fellows will directly increase the program’s capacity to educate future professionals and expand research capacity.

Scholarships Funding for both need and merit-based scholarships ensures access to our program for talented students from across the nation.

Endowed Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Ecology An endowed chair will meet a need within the program for a specialist in this area while enhancing connections between aquatic and terrestrial researchers.

Support for Research Summer support for faculty opens up new opportunities for grant funding, while travel stipends allow students and faculty to attend and present at professional conferences.

John J. Craighead Research Endowment This endowed fund will directly support graduate education and research, while also elevating the prominence of the Craighead Chair.

Wildlife Biology Opportunity Fund Unrestricted support gives us the flexibility to meet needs as they arise.

Upgrades to Laboratory Spaces The quality of our research depends on access to modern equipment and laboratory facilities. We aim to expand labs for computing, fish and wildlife conservation genetics, and fish and wildlife physiology.

For more information, contact Ben Super, Director of Development at  ben.super@supportum.org  or 406.243.5533.

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