Past Lab Members

  • Jason Tack was a post-doc with ASC.
  • Alan Harrington served ASC as a research assistant and field crew leader. He left ASC in fall 2016 to pursure graduate work.
  • Jessie Golding achieved her MS while ASC.  She left spring 2016 for a position with UM and USFS-Rocky Mountain Research Station. 
  • Kaitlyn Reintsma is our "superstar" undergraduate who did her UG thesis while at ASC. The last we knew she was exploring the field before diving into graduate work.
  • Michael Johnson assisted us with some of our spatial modeling while at ASC. We periodically see him enjoying life around Missoula.
  • Daniel Perret was a spatial modeling technician that left ASC to pursue his PhD work at Brown University.
  • Brendan Hoover was a spatial modeling techician that left ASC to pursue his PhD work at the University of Texas-Austin.

In addition, we have numerous individuals that provide seasonal assistance. Without them, we could not complete our projects - Thank you!