Undergraduate Students

The Avian Science Center fosters mentoring at all levels of undergraduate education. We provide several opportunities for undergraduate student to gain experience in using avian species to guide natural resource conservation. We have a multitude of ongoing professional research projects in which students can volunteer or work seasonally. In addition, we assist students in developing and conducting their own research. All opportunities can be used to acquire college course credits. Openings for these opportunities are advertised on the Avian Science Center web site and other assorted web pages.

 Undergraduate Research Project Opportunity: Research Experiment

The Avian Science Center is looking for ambitious and enthusiastic students or professionals to volunteer for a research experiment examining survey methods.  We are seeking individuals with little to no experience with bird identification.  Volunteers will identify vocalizations of local grassland songbird species either alone or in pairs. Surveys will be conducted in the Avian Science Center office (Forestry 303). This is a fun and valuable opportunity to learn more about grassland bird identification and contribute to avian research! If interested in participating, please contact the Avian Science Center at kaitlyn.strickfaden@umontana.edu