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Director Nie discusses his work on co-management and how it pertains to President Trump’s Executive Order on National Monuments and Native Nations, PBS (December 2017)

Director Nie discusses what the Trump Administration and new Congress mean for federal public lands law and management and the most recent developments. TrumponEarth podcast (May 2017)

Director Nie talks to Montana Public Radio about forest planning and its significance to Montana (Dec. 27, 2016)

Director Nie interviewed about wilderness law and politics, New York Times (Aug. 19, 2016) 

Nie's article on the next chapter of wilderness designation, politics and management (written with former BLM Wilderness Specialist Chris Barns) covered in Outside Magazine (Feb. 2016)

Director Nie weighs in on the discussion about control of federal lands:

Director Nie's contribution to the U.S. Forest Service Forest's Federal Advisory Committee results in a final Land Management Planning Framework - USFS press release and Greenwire story (pdf) (Jan. 30, 2015)

Director Nie’s work focused on future of wilderness covered in Greenwire (Sept. 3, 2014) 

Director Nie’s testimony and case against transferring federal lands to Western states covered in the Billings Gazette (September 5, 2014)

Nie selected as U.S. Forest Service national advisory committee member to help guide management of public forest and grasslands, USDA News Release (Aug. 12, 2014) 

Director Nie and group of scientists, including two former Chiefs of the U.S. Forest Service, write a letter to President Obama asking for a National Old-Growth Conservation Policy (June 25, 2014) (pdf)

Interview with Montana Public Radio, about the latest Sagebrush Rebellion, "Sagebrush Rebels Rise Again" (Dec. 2013). 

Interview with Capitol Ideas (The Council of State Governments) on the latest Sagebrush Rebellion, "The New Battle Lands: States Seeking Control of Public Lands in the West," Jan. 2014.

Coverage of Montana's "public lands study" and the latest Sagebrush Rebellion, the Missoula Independent, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, and Bitterroot Star


February 2018: Director Nie completed his second term serving on the U.S. Forest Service’s National Advisory Committee on implementation of the 2012 Planning Rule.  Nie was appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture and served as the sole “scientific community representative” on the Committee for four years. The Committee finished its work in Washington, D.C. by making roughly 60 recommendations to the Chief of the Forest Service for how the agency could improve national forest management and the plan revisions going on throughout the country. 

Director Nie began working on the planning rule in 2010 serving on the agency’s National Science Panel.  The Bolle Center will continue to be engaged in this important process.

January 2018: In Sun Valley, Idaho, Director Nie addressed the Senate Presidents’ Forum, a group of State Legislative Senate leaders from across the country, on the debate over the proposed transfer of federal public lands. Nie provided a counterview to the American Lands Council and outlined some possible ways to move federal lands management forward in the future. View a summary of Nie's debate.

December 2016:  Director Nie was appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture to serve as the sole Scientific Community Representative to the U.S. Forest Service’s National Advisory Committee on implementation of the 2012 Planning Rule. This is his second two-year term with the Federal Advisory Committee that is helping guide forest plan revisions being done throughout the nation.  

Feb. 2016: Director Nie was invited to speak about National Forest conflict, planning and governance at Yale Law School’s New Directions in Environmental Law Conference.  

Dec. 2015: Director Nie was invited to speak about the governance of the National Forest System at the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition’s annual meeting.

Oct. 2015: The Bolle Center published "The Contested Use of Collaboration and Litigation in National Forest Management"

Sept. 2015: Jonathan Haber and the Bolle Center published "Creating the Next Generation of National Forest Plans: Observations from a Former U.S. Forest Service Planning Specialist"