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Curriculum Development

Conservation Education in Bhutan

Beginning in July 2006, the Bolle Center has been assisting with the development of the Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) in Bhutan which formally opened in 2008. The Bolle Center is one of UM's College of Forestry and Conservation's partner with UWICE to develop research, training and other capacities related to sustainable development, forestry, wildlife and livelhoods in Bhutan. The Bolle Center is assisting with developing expertise that builds on Bhutan's traditions of centuries-long human use and adaptation to their forest environment and Buddhist culture, and which integrates social and ecological perspectives. The Director of the Bolle Center, Jill Belsky, has assisted UWICE in Bhutan in 2007 and 2008.

In 2008, Dr. Belsky and Dr. Steve Siebert, Professor of Tropical Forestry at UM received a grant from the MacArthur Foundation to fund graduate training of two UWICE faculty. Both Sangay Wangchuk and Wangchuk Dorji will be working towards a masters degree in Resource Conservation at UM, the former with a focus on non-timber forest products and the latter on participatory conservation and sustainable livelihoods. A third Bhutanese, Ugyen Namgel currently with the Nature Conservation Division, will also be partially supported by the MacArthur Foundation grant and working towards a masters degree in Resource Conservation at UM with a focus on ecotourism. All of the above three Bhutanese will begin their studies at UM fall 2009 and will be supervised by Drs. Belsky and Siebert.

Conservation Education in Chile

During Novement 2004, the Bolle Center assisted the University of Austral in Valdivia, Chile on an interdisciplinary educational program on sustainable development and community-based conservation. In addition to providing lectures and seminars to the University and public, the Bolle center helped to identify field research projects on the island of Chiloe that respond to the concerns of a local community forestry NGO working closely with indigenous communities adjacent to the Chiloe National Forest.

International Protected Area Management

For the last few years, The Bolle Center has assisted the International Seminar on Protected Area Management held each August. This annual seminar is organized by the Consortium for International Protected Area Management and involves approximately twenty-five senior park officials from across the world (not the U.S.) engaged in an intensive three week study tour based at the University of Montana and including visits to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks and the Mission Mountain Wilderness Area. The Bolle Center assists with instruction on incorporating social and ecological analyses of sustainability and community-based natural resource management. For further information please check the website