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Supporting Collaboration

Southwestern Crown of the Continent (SWCC) Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP)

The Bolle Center is assisting the SWCC to conduct a social assessment in the project area to support social monitoring responsibilities of the CFLRP. During 2012 it will conduct a meta-analysis to provide background socioeconomic information of the study area including preexisting studies and relevant literature; as well as conduct a focus group and a small set of interviews with residents and stakeholders on key topics related to current land management and participatory aspects of the SWCC. Results of these exercises are projected to be completed by early summer. For more information about the SWCC CFLRP see

Seeley-Swan-Blackfoot Stewardship Summit

The Bolle Center along with the National Forest Foundation, Northwest Connections, Swan Ecosystem Center, Blackfoot Challenge and Clearwater Resource Council organized and ran a "Stewardship Summit" on April 15-16, 2009 at the Double Arrow Lodge, Seeley Lake. The Summit involved residents, state and federal land management employees and key watershed groups to share information and strategies for meeting the "triple bottom line" of stewardship of natural resources, sustainable economies and vibrant rural communities. As a direct result of the meeting, all three watersheds are working on a proposal to the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Act for funds to support job-creating restoration projects across all ownerships.In 2010, the summit will focus on “ Emerging Markets for Woody Biomass” in the tri-valleys. Bolle Center director, Jill Belsky, has helped with planning the event and will facilitate various sessions.

For more information about the Seeley-Swan-Blackfoot Summit.


The Bolle Center has been assisting the National Forest Foundation and the Sonoran Institute (as well as the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service and others) to develop the Western Collaboration Assistance Network (WestCAN). WestCAN provides short-term expertise to help collaborative conservation organizations and efforts to get started or to work through challenging issues. Resources include:

  • Technical assistance (help in developing agreements or contracts, nonprofit organizational development, for example)
  • Links to peer coaches (to provide suggestions and expertise on a short-term basis) and mentors (longer-term and more in-depth help in working through a collaborative process); A Web-based, WestCAN Resource Library providing ready access to field tested technical resources, best practices, and lessons learned about working collaboratively on natural resource issues.

For information regarding WestCAN, contact Karen DiBari, WestCAN Coordinator, at (406) 542-2805 X13 or 1-866-773-4NFF (4633) ext. 13, or email Karen can refer you to resources or link you with a coach, mentor or specialized technical assistance provider. WestCAN information will soon be posted on the Web, and you'll be able to go to or to link with the WestCAN site. In the meantime, site provides partnering and collaborative organizations and agency staff with the information and access they need for enhanced working relationships. Click on "resources for partnerships" to find links to information on specific topics, including funding, monitoring and evaluation, success stories, and tools and guides.