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2014 course offerings that will apply toward a Climate Change Studies minor

Students share their stories and impressions from studying in Vietnam

College of Forestry and Conservation

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Climate Change Field Studies in Montana's Crown of the Continent
-- Student blog posts and photos --

A ten-day, two-credit field course in Montana's Crown of the Continent (CCS 352) studying climate change impacts to mountain ecosystems, forests, and agricultural lands, as well as different mitigation and adaptation responses. This field course is supported through a USDA Higher Education Challenge grant designed to support the training of leaders in climate change and natural resources through experiential and field-based learning.

Climate Change Field Studies in Montana’s Crown of the Continent

Glacier National Park: Glaciers & Wildlife

August 16: Carlyn Anderson, How Cliché
August 16: Julia Bryant, Can't Skip a Rock if You're Too Thirsty
August 17: Isaac Miller, Taking the Long View
August 17: Sperry Desrosier, Hiking Siyeh Pass
August 18: Sarah Sinnema, Risky Business
August 18: Jack McKinney, Pikas on the Move

Climate Change Field Studies in Montana’s Crown of the Continent

Swan Valley: Forest Change & Wetlands

August 19: Becca Boslough, The Dirt on Soils
August 19: Joel Zoch, How to Build Resilience?
August 20: Isaac Miller, Disturbed Ecology
August 20: Erika Foster, A Walk in the Woods with an Ecologist's Eye
August 21: Sarah Sinnema, Gaining an Understanding
August 21: Sperry Desrosier, Aquatics with Andrea
August 22: Travis Tzioumis, Managing, to Save our Forests
August 22: Joel Zoch, Biomass Buzz
Climate Change Field Studies in Montana’s Crown of the Continent

Blackfoot Valley: Ranching, Collaboratives & Policy

August 23: Erika Foster, From the Hectic Hill to Majestic Mountains
August 23: Becca Boslough, A Little Taste of D.C. in the Woods
August 24: Jack McKinney, Rancher's Perspectives on a Changing Climate
August 24: Travis Tzioumis, Conversation before Conservation
August 25: Carlyn Anderson, Ten Days Later
August 25: Julia Bryant, All it Takes is a Walk in the Park