2010 Internships

Student: Jennifer Neville, Ecology major, Climate Change Studies minor  
For Montana Audubon, Jennifer compiled information on Montana bird species, summarized what is known and what is speculated to happen with continued global warming, and presented this through stories on Montana Audubon’s website and through public presentations. 

Student: Patrick Funk, Resource Conservation major, Climate Change Studies minor    
For Montana Trout Unlimited, Patrick assembled available scientific literature on the effects of climate change on fisheries so it can be housed on the web sites of either Montana TU or the Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society; updated and refined Montana TU’s PowerPoint on climate change and fish; became familiar with GIS-based project that maps the risks of climate change to native trout species in the interior West; and wrote an article for the Montana TU quarterly newsletter on the project. 

Student: Yaicha Bookhout, Environmental Studies major, Climate Change Studies minor
For the Pew Environment Group and M+R Strategic Services, Yaicha participated in a national campaign focused on the connections between global warming and transportation system reform.  Her work helped support community organizing with the Pew Campaign on Global Warming and the Transportation for America Campaign. She worked with the media, helped build coalitions, and planned and executed campaign projects.  

Student: Michael Parrot, Environmental Studies major
For Climate Solutions, Michael worked with Climate Solutions staff in Montana to reach out to the agricultural community to develop key relationships with farmers, ranchers, agricultural organizations, and others to gain support for strong legislation and develop partnerships for moving forward on this issue and on other state-level climate and energy issues.

Student: Allison Pak, Geography Major, Climate Change Studies minor
For the Missoula Urban Demonstration (MUD) Project, Allison worked with Clear Sky Climate Solutions to conduct a carbon and waste production footprint analysis of MUD. Aspects of the project include determining average energy and water use, vehicle use, alternative transportation use by MUD board, staff and core volunteers.  Other elements included determining how MUD’s current practices, gardening, chickens, solar panels, passive solar heating, greenhouses, grey water recycling, etc. counter our carbon output. Allison also helped design a system for ensuring the 2010 Earth Day Festival was carbon neutral. 

Student: Justin Ryan, Photojournalism major, Climate Change Studies minor
For The Elements Tour, Justin planned and prepared for the 2010 summer Elements Tour, aimed at spreading information and education about sustainability, wilderness conservation, and the development of renewable energy. This included helping to create a curriculum that will be used as part of our education and outreach program; conducting research; writing; reaching out to partnering nonprofit groups; updating the organization’s website and social media outlets with the latest news about the Elements Tour as well as the latest news related to climate change, wilderness conservation efforts, and renewable energy sources.

Student: Liam Hassett, Resource Conservation major, Climate Change Studies minor
For ClearSky Climate Solutions, Liam conducted a detailed greenhouse gas assessment of a client or entity of their choosing. The project included facilitating data gathering at site, data entry and processing, applying available calculations, researching emission reduction solutions, and presenting results and solutions to the entity in report and/or oral form. Throughout this project, Liam researched emission factors, business climate responsibility, and emission reduction activities.

Student: Patrick Colleran, Environmental Studies major, Climate Change Studies minor 
For the Clark Fork Coalition, Patrick working on aspects of the Clark Fork Coalition’s Clark Fork Carbon Neutral Campaign, researching ways to procure funds for a commercial solar installation at their office building in downtown Missoula, investigating energy efficiency upgrades, producing education materials, and researching the purchase of carbon credits to help offset our use of fossil fuels. He also helped staff repair and maintain their bikes to facilitate bike-based work related errands.

Student: Alison Wren, Undecided major, Climate Change Studies mino
For the UM Office of Sustainability, Alison developed a strategy for promoting more sustainable behaviors on campus. UM’s Climate Action Plan identified behavior modification as a very cost effective strategy for reducing energy consumption and commuting associated with University operations. An implementation plan was needed to take this strategy to the next step and to begin applying techniques to change behavior.  Alison helped develop this plan to promote behavior modification, prioritize strategies, and developed and conducted a dorm survey. 

Student: Bryan Nickerson, Business major, Climate Change Studies minor
For The ASUM Sustainability Center, Bryan helped to promote sustainability awareness in the Athletic Department by organizing and promoting a Green Griz men’s basketball game through recycling efforts, carbon offsetting, a Green Monte video, local food, and more. Brian also helped to coordinate the 2010 Earth Week, which included a Green Griz Dorm Challenge to reduce dorm energy and water consumption.