2013 Internships

Student: Hailey Jorgensen, Environmental Studies major, Climate Change Studies minor
For the Clark Fork Coalition (CFC), Hailey gathered the data necessary to complete the CFC's annual carbon audit. She then worked with Clear Sky Climate Solutions to calculate the coalition's carbon footprint for the year of 2012. In response to the 2011 ClimateWise workshop, Hailey also worked on synthesizing documented information on climate action taking place in Missoula County, as well as the various organizations and programs working on climate change issues in Missoula. This information was then translated to a webpage on the CFC's site to provide community members with easy access to this wealth of information. Hailey's work can be viewed on the CFC's climate action web page.

Student: Aly Heare, Resource Conservation major, Climate Change Studies minor
For her internship with the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute, Aly used computer programs to quantify how climate change will affect wilderness areas. Specifically, Aly generated data on how variables, such as temperature and precipitation, are anticipated to change within wilderness in the coming decades in comparison to a baseline average. Aly hopes her research will provide insight to wilderness managers in light of climate change. See Aly’s presentation (pdf).

Student: Mara Menahan, Environmental Studies and Geography major, Climate Change Studies minor 
For her internship with the Montana Audubon, Mara Menahan developed scientific illustrations to convey the impacts of climate change on Montana's birds.  Mara's illustrations highlight the changes to the State's alpine, forest, and sagebrush habitats through an interactive online map. Her illustrations will also be used in guides specific to geographic regions to help engage bird lovers with this complex topic. See Mara’s presentation (pdf).

Student: Audra Diemer, Wildlife Biology major, Climate Change Studies minor  
For her internship with the Montana Audubon Society, Audra worked to produce an online, interactive web site aimed toward educating bird enthusiasts about the threat Montana birds are experiencing in the face of climate change. Audra’s job focused on the science portion of the project where she was responsible for researching the chosen birds, and formatting that research into stories, or narratives, to accompany the illustrations being produced.

Student: Will Findell, Resource Conservation major, Climate Change Studies minor
For the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute, Will researched green engineering projects that utilized a broad scope of ecosystem services for adaptation towards climate change. He wrote three case studies about these projects for the Valuing Ecosystem Services Working Group of the North American Wilderness and Protected Areas Committee and also wrote a briefing paper outlining how to value ecosystem services for green engineering projects that deal with climate change adaptation. Will's case studies and paper raise awareness about the importance of wilderness and protected areas in climate change adaptation.

Student: Erik Elison, Environmental Studies major, Climate Change Studies minor 
For his internship with the Watershed Education Network (WEN), Erik worked with middle and elementary school students, teaching the basics of stream monitoring while helping to develop a deeper understand and respect for our natural world. He also worked with Willard Alternative High School developing and teaching lessons centered on climate change and water. These lessons will assist WEN and Willard High School in teaching more students the science of climate change. See Erik’s presentation (pdf).

Student: Peregrine Frissell, Journalism major, Climate Change Studies minor 
For his internship with the Montana Renewable Energy Association (MREA), Peregrine interviewed renewable energy businesses across the state of Montana. He helped to produce short videos and articles about these businesses, which will be posted on the MREA website and given to the businesses to use how they please. Peregrine gained valuable learning experience getting to converse one-on-one with people working in the industry and observe some of the real world challenges that they face, as well as the opportunity to practice some journalistic skills.

Student: Caroline Stephens, Environmental Studies graduate student
For her internship with the Alternative Energy and Resources Organization, Caroline worked on collecting stories for their Repower Montana project, a website that catalogs and maps renewable energy projects across the state of Montana. The website both quantifies and qualifies data about decentralized, renewable energy. For this internship, Caroline traveled to Red Lodge, Montana to interview two businesses owners, one homeowner, and the city's Climate Protection Group about the variety of energy conservation and production efforts happening in the small, rural Montana town of just 2,000 people. 

Student: Matt Hannon, Environmental Studies graduate student
For his internship with the Montana Renewable Energy Association (MREA), Matt worked on promoting the organization's 3rd annual Clean Energy Fair in Butte, on July 20, 2013. MREA hoped to double the amount of attendees from the previous year’s fair from 700 to 1,500, and Matt's work on marketing the fair across the state was critical to achieving this number. He also attended an MREA board meeting in Helena, worked the Earth Day fair in Caras Park for MREA, and worked on two small scale renewable energy seminars in Deer Lodge and Hamilton.  

Student: Murilo Ditomaso Christinelli, Environmental Studies major, Brazilian exchange student
For his internship with the Sustainable business Council (SBC), Murilo worked with the SBC members to analyze their data and upload the information onto their new website. Murilo also worked as a consultant to assist local businesses in searching for ways to improve their efficiency, such as looking for grants for energy efficient window replacement. 

Student: Benjamin Simonson, Resource Conservation major, Climate Change Studies minor 
For the ASUM Sustainability Center, Ben examined the process of how general education requirements are implemented, and how to integrate a sustainability general education requirement into UM’s curriculum. He developed a report that will serve as a basis for future research into implementing a sustainability general education requirement. 

Student: Sean McQuillan, Political Science major, Climate Change Studies minor 
For his internship with the Montana Public Interest Research Group, Sean worked as a lobbyist at the Capitol in Helena, Mont. He worked on tracking bills that affected the climate and environment. After bills were either passed or killed, Sean compiled a scorecard for legislators based on how they voted for the public interest pertaining to the climate.

Student: Sam Thompson, Environmental Studies major, Climate Change Studies minor 
For his internship with the Montana Public Interest Research Group, Sam was a lobbyist in Helena alongside fellow MontPIRG intern Sean McQuillan, and lobbied on behalf of clean energy and environmental issues throughout the legislative session. Sam did this by meeting with legislators, sending of emails, and running around the capitol to testify on behalf of MontPIRG in committee hearings on energy bills. Another crucial aspect of Sam’s lobbying was organizing mobilization of grassroots members on campus in order to pressure legislators.

Student: Locke Hassett, Environmental Studies major, Climate Change Studies minor
For his internship with the Community Food & Agriculture Coalition, Locke focused on working to build these systems through community networking, field work with community members, and personal market research. This internship used these methods to help make Missoula a more adaptive and resilient community, while simultaneously mitigating climate change inputs. See Locke’s presentation (pdf). 

Student: Jessy Stevenson, Environmental Studies major, Climate Change Studies minor
For her internship with the Sierra Club, Jessy worked on an education and outreach campaign, performing weekly Montana media research and marketing efforts to promote awareness about energy developments. Jessy attended the Good Jobs Green Jobs conference in Washington, D.C. as part of her internship. She also worked on outreach efforts helping to organize and carry out community events as well as contacting legislators and community decision makers. See Jessy’s presentation (pdf).

Student: Bowen Humphrey, Environmental Studies and Philosophy major, Climate Change Studies minor
For his internship with the University of Montana, Office of Sustainability, Bowen worked on the evaluation of energy saving potential in the Davidson Honors College building due to retro-commissioning and developing a business plan for the retro-commissioning process. Bowen performed a case study for the building’s certification for retro-commissioning, installed water meters to calculate the water saving and calculated energy savings from the recomissioning data. Bowen also collected energy data from 11 other buildings on campus, performing the groundwork for future campus-wide recomissioning certification. See Bowen’s presentation.