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College of Forestry and Conservation


The Rocky Mountain Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (RM-CESU) is a cooperative venture between 13 leading academic programs in the Rocky Mountain Region and 9 Federal Agencies. The University of Montana serves as host to the RM-CESU. The United States has been divided into 17 biogeographic regions, each served by a distinct CESU, with all regions connected in one National Network. The overriding goal of the CESU Network is to improve the scientific base for managing federal land by providing resource managers with high-quality research, technical assistance and education.

CESU Network Map

RM-CESU Resources

Administrative Documents Briefing Documents
RM-CESU Cooperative and Joint Venture Agreement 2014-2019
RM-CESU Cooperative and Joint Venture Agreement 2009-2014 Strategic Plan
Amendment One - US FWS Fact Sheet
Amendment Two - Metropolitan State College Partner Roles and Responsibilities
Amendment Three - Little Big Horn College RM-CESU Slide Show
Amemdment Four - University of Utah and Northwest College National CESU Slide Show

Amendment Five - Blackfeet Community College, Chieg Dull Knife College, University of Waterloo, and Wildlife Conservation Society

RM-CESU Cooperative and Joint Venture Agreement 2004-2009
Amendment One - NRCS
Amendment Two - University of Northern Colorado
Amendment Three - University of Calgary
Amendment Four - US Army Corps of Engineers-Civil Works
Amendment 5 - the Department of Defense
RM-CESU Cooperative and Joint Ventures Agreement 1999 to 2004