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College of Forestry and Conservation

USACE Projects, 2010


Wanner, Kevin, Identifying Honeybee Insect Bio-Receptors for Explosive Detection


Brozka, Robert, California Army National Guard Conservation Program Support (Wildlife Biology and Botany) for Camp Roberts and Camp San Luis Obispo Training Sites

Brozka, Robert, Conducting ESA surveys at Pohakuloa Training Area

Brozka, Robert, Environmental Analysis and Advisory Services Management Support for Fort Polk, Louisiana

Brozka, Robert, Management of Nene at Pohakuloa Training Area Hawaii

Brozka, Robert, Maneuver Damage Coordinator Support at Fort Polk, Louisiana

Brozka, Robert, Planning Level Survey for Threatened and Endangered Plant Species within Proposed Range Project Boundaries, Pohakuloa Training Area, Hawaii

Henry, Charles, SafePort Proposal - Henry Laboratory

Jones, David, Support for Natural, Cultural and Educational and Outreach Actions on Fort Campbell, KY

Senseman, Gary, Developments of an Updated Fort McCoy Training Habitat Map

Senseman, Gary, Planning Level Survey Vegetation Mapping Pilot Study/Training Course

Zeidler, James, Cultural Curation Support at Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Zeidler, James, Cultural Resource Support for Fort Bragg, North Carolina


Spaulding, Sarah, Experimental determination of the role of Fe on the growth of Didymosphenia geminata in the Kootenai River, Montana, downstream from Libby Dam Aquatic Algal Community