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College of Forestry and Conservation

BLM Projects, 2001


Moisey, Neil & Burchfield, James, Technical Assistance and Research on Recreation in the Upper Missouri River

Moisey, Neil & Burchfield, James, Continued Analysis of Issues and Visitor Use on the Upper Missouri River Corridor

Patterson, Mike, Predator Compensation Program Evaluation 

Queen, LLoyd, Center for Landscape Fire Analysis

Redmond, Roland, Monitoring Prairie Dog Colonies in Central Montana (Report)

Redmond, Roland, Techniques for Mapping Sagebrush from Remote Sensing  

Thomas, Jack, Collection of GAP Landcover Types and Vegetation Canopy Coverage Data in South Phillips County, MT  

van den Pol, Richard & Beed, Doug, Technology Research and Development of Lewis and Clark Web-based Product


Marlow, Clayton, Prairie Ecosystems on the Northern Great Plains and Prescribed Fire

Restani, Marco, Effects of Fylvatic Plague on Habitat Selection and Productivity of Burrowing Owls

The Watercourse, Project Archaeology


Kingery, Jim, Develop methodologies to replace weedy vegetation with desirable perennial vegetation

Krumpe, Ed, Perform River Recreation Survey on Public Lands in Owyhee County, Idaho

McLaughlin, William, BLM River Recreation