Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site

Contact Information:

Fran Pannebaker
Bent’s Old Fort/Sand Creek Massacre

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site Website

Research Needs

  • Restore Conestoga Wagon
  • Replace Living History Props and Equipment in Fort Exhibits
  • Relocate and Map Archaeological Sites
  • Prepare Ethnographic Overview and Assessment
  • Conduct Archives Collection Condition Survey
  • Conduct Visitor Experience and Resource Protections Survey (VERPS)
  • Complete Backlog Cataloging
  • Improve Environmental Monitoring and Storage
  • Research and Prepare Park Administrative History Of Bent's Old Fort
  • Prepare Fort Preservation and Maintenance Guide
  • Revise Historic Furnishing Plan
  • Prepare Historic Resource Study
  • Research Archaeological Faunal Material
  • Conduct Research on the Archaeological Collections
  • Baseline Inventory and Monitoring
  • Baseline Study of Wetland
  • Write Museum Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan
  • Implement Wildfire Control & Prescribed Burning Program
  • Develop Park Livestock Plan
  • Trim and Remove Hazardous Trees
  • Develop Prairie Dog Management Plan
  • Prepare a Cultural Landscape Report
  • Prepare Archives Preservation Plan
  • Prepare Historic Structures Report/ICAP
  • Upgrade Fort Furnishings Exhibit
  • Remove Irrigation Storage Ponds
  • Control Noxious Weeds
  • Control Non-Native Tamarisk Species
  • Prepare Fort Preservation And Maintenance Plan
  • Copy Deteriorating Photographs
  • Prepare Historic Structures Report
  • Prepare Museum Management Plan
  • Control of Tamarisk through an Innovative Partnership
  • Supplement - Fort Furnishing Plan Implementation
  • Prepare Preservation Plan for LCS Monuments
  • Prepare Traditional Use/Ethnographic Landscape Study
  • Conduct Archaeological Survey of c. 350 acres
  • Short-Grass Prairie Restoration
  • Determination of Archeofaunal Remains
  • Preservation Reformatting of Archaeological Photographs
  • Write a Collection Storage Plan
  • Complete Cultural Landscape Inventories