Curecanti National Recreation Area

Contact Information:

Ken Stahlnecker
Chief, Resource Stewardship and Science
Black Canyon NP & Curecanti NRA
tel. (970) 641-2337 ext. 225
Fax 970 641-3127

Chief Resource Management
tel. (505) 786-7014 EXT. 223
Fax (505) 786-7061

Curecanti National Recreation Area Website

Research Needs

Natural Resource Needs

  • Survey National Register District and Append Documentation to Include Sites Discovered after 1982
  • Study Bighorn Sheep Population Dynamics
  • Cultural Landscape Inventory: the Denver and RIo Grande Railroad
  • Develop Water Resources Management Program
  • Gunnison Sage Grouse-Habitat Inventory of Surrounding Lands
  • Dispersion and Travel time of Major Stream Inputs to the Curecanti NRA
  • Occurrence and Toxicity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Motorized Watercraft to Aquatic Life
  • Two-cycle engine contaminant study of Blue Mesa Reservoir
  • Data Collection and Analysis of Required Water Quality Parameters
  • Study Lake Eutrophication/Nutrient Enrichment and Productivity
  • Classify Vegetation, Produce Geographic Information System Data Later & Vegetation Map
  • Water Quality Watershed Monitoring
  • Evaluate Decline in Great BLue Heron Population
  • Develop Paleontological Resources Program
  • Develop Wildfire Management Program
  • Inventory Endangered Species
  • Develop Beaver Management Program
  • Develop Furbearer/Small game management program
  • Research Porcupine Feeding Habits
  • Develop Integrated Pest Management Program
  • Restoration of Impacted Areas
  • Prairie Dog/Vegetation Interaction
  • Develop Mining Management Program
  • Inventory/Evaluate Quaternary Resources
  • Develop Air Resource Management Program
  • Develop Landscape Management Program
  • Control of Non-point source pollution to Cimarron Creek
  • Productivity of Morrow Point and Crystal Reservoirs
  • Curecanti Shoreline Site Inventory/Evaluation

Cultural Resource Needs

  • Incorporate Archeological Data from Adjacent Areas
  • Evaluate Testing of Rock Shelters Near Cimarron Colorado
  • Conduct Ethnographic Overview and Assessment