Devils Tower National Monument

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Angela Wetz
Devils Tower
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Research Needs

  • Administrative History of DETO.
    This history could be completed as one project, or it could be completed in
    stages, with chapters focusing on specific topics. The NPS History website
    includes a guide to administrative histories: Among other
    things, the guide discusses how these histories often combine chronological
    narratives with topical treatments of key activities, events and issues --
    such as community relations, interpretation, resource management and
    protection, visitor use, threats to the park, etc. A chapter could include a
    history of climbing on the tower (so readers understand why it is so
    important to the climbing community), as well as DETO's management of that
  • Geology: Redefinition/rethinking of the stratigraphy of sedimentary rocks -
    specifically the LAK and Gypsum Spring formations
  • Transportation Study/Plan to analyze and evaluate circulation and traffic
    patterns that would result from the implementation of the DETO General
    Management Plan.
  • National Historic Landmark Nomination of the tower, as a cultural resource.
  • Oral Histories of affiliated american indian tribes, park staff and park
    neighbors. This may include local resource management practices -- including
    weed management.
  • River boundary determination and "livestock driveway" user rights.
  • Technical Assistance for implementation of the 2004 Historic Structures
    Report. Especially regarding restoration of the 4 CCC structures in the park.
  • Legal Research on Road Access. History and legal issues are associated with
    the private roads that lead into the park.
  • Ranching/Grazing History of both the park and the surroundings.
  • Workshop on Tribal Consultation with participation from all the Black Hills
    parks to allow superintendents and other federal agencies of these parks to
    coordinate a more uniform approach to tribal consultation.
  • Cottonwood Restoration Workshop and/or an Examination of the Ground-Water
    Levels and Quality for Effects on Riparian Restoration
  • Educational overflight media program with FAA
  • Road rights and history
  • Park Business Plan
  • Library - Identify gaps and librarian functions, enter library books into Procite software,
    accession new books into library, accession rare books into library, set up verticle files,
    and identify any informational "holes" or needs in library material
  • Draft a Prairie Dog Management Plan
  • Raptor use of Devils Tower
  • Determine the Traditional Cultural Properties
  • Monitoring Program for Plant Species of Special Concern
  • Exotic Invasive Plant Control
  • Prepare a Traditional Use Study
  • Baseline Air Quality: The park needs to know the current status of its air quality, with DETO's proximity to increasing energy development in the Powder River Basin. Focus should be on nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and visibility-reducing particles. Need analysis of "extrapolation" of other monitoring in the Black Hills parks, with some supplemental "passive"
    monitoring to establish a reference level.