Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Contact Information:

For Cultural Resources/Integrated Resources
Baird Todd

For Natural Resources
Dean Reasoner

Fort Laramie National Historic Site Website

Research Needs

Cultural Resources Needs

  • Archival Work
    • Assess microfilm holdings: incorporate into management plan
    • Document Image Archive Project
    • Large Archival Document Scanning
  • Historical Documentation
    • Social History, Fort Laramie 1849-1990
    • American Indian History Research
    • Special History Study: Treaties of Fort Laramie
    • Resource Study of Historic Roads & Communications
  • Architecture and Site Planning
    • Cemetery Management Plan
    • Prepare an Integrated Pest Management Plan for Historic Structures
    • Update Archeological and Historic Data in GIS
    • Update Historic Structure Report and Prepare Preservation Guide for HS-4, Burt House
    • Complete Lime Grout/Lime Plaster Research Program
    • Structural History of Fort Laramie 1849-1890
  • Archaeology and Anthropology
    • Compile Archeological Resources Management Plan
    • Research design and archeological data recovery at Quartermaster’s Dump area at riverbank, impacted in May 2010 storm event
    • Protection and/or Stabilization Plan for Deteriorating Archeological Sites: focus on the Quartermaster’s Dump area impacted in May 2010 storm event
    • Update National Register Status for Historic Properties at the park (individual/district)
    • Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys for subsurface archeological materials on the south and west banks of the river
    • Pedestrian archeological inventory of entire unit
    • Locate/Investigate Fort Williams and Fort John Sites
    • Ethnographic Study-“Mixed Worlds at Fort Laramie”

Natural Resources Needs

  • Geomorphology and hydrology of Laramie River
  • Develop Brown Bat Management Program
  • Develop Plan for Trimming or Removing Damaged and Diseased Trees and Appropriate Replacement

Integrated Resources Needs

  • Fort Laramie Viewshed Plan
  • Research Historic Water Resources
  • Improve Visitor Awareness of Park Natural Resources
  • Scope for Nature/hiking trail along bank of Laramie River
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