2002 Reports - BLM


Burchfield, Jame, & Moisey, Neil, Improving recreation interpretation and the management of visitor use on the Upper Missouri River

Fiedler, Carl, A National Study of Fire/Fire Surrogate Treatments - Lubrecht Forest Site

Foresman, Kerry, & Holmes, Brian, Ecology and Persistence of Sylvatic Plague in Phillips County, Montana   (Thesis: Introduction; Text and Figures; Table 2; Table 4; Journal Article)

Hutto, Richard, Bird Inventory and Monitoring Along the Missouri River (Report)

Maxwell, Bryce A., Amphibian and Aquatic Reptile Inventory (Report)

Swanson, Larry, Assessment of Economic Trends and Conditions in Madison and Beaverhead Counties

Wakimota, Ronald, BLM Community Assistance and Protection Handbook


Harmata, Al, Kevin Rim Raptors

Marlow, Clayton, Armells Creek Prescribed Fire and Demonstration Project (Report)

Sowell, Bok, Crested Wheatgrass Management Study


Bunting, Stephen, Development of western juniper fuel loading layer for the Owyhee Plateau (Report)

Hammel, Peggy, Removing Heavy Metals form Groundwater Systems with Immobilized Biochelators

ID Water Resources Research Institute, Provide research and methods to promote recovery of native riparian vegetation along Prine Creek

ID Water Resources Research Institute, Investigation of Mine Drainage in the Pine Creek District Idaho

Kingery, Jim, Develop methodologies to replace weedy vegetation with desirable perennial vegetation

Sanyal, Nick, Collection of data and information which will be used as the basis for revising the Recreation Area Management Plan for the Lower Salmon River from Hammer Creek to Heller Bar on the Snake River (Report)

Schwarzlaender, Mark, Rush Skeleton Biocontrol Project


Baker, William, Pinyon-Juniper/Sagebrush Zone Vegetation Study (Report)