2004 Reports - BLM


Ball, Joe & Bryce Maxwell, Amphibian and Aquatic Reptile Inventory

Chalfoun, Anna & Martin, Tom, Breeding ecology and reproductive success of Shrub-steppe songbirds in Montana (Report)

Fiedler, Carl, A National Study of the Consequences of Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments

Guglielmo, Christopher, Physiological Assessment of Stopover Habitat for Migratory Birds

Hutto, Richard, Bird Inventory and Monitoring Along the Missouri River (Report)

Hutto, Richard, Web Development for the Montana Birding and NatureTrail (Website)

Maron, John, Trophic Controls of Grassland Communities (Ecology 2006; Proceeding of the Royal Society B 2006)

McKinney, Matthew, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Collaborative Action Project

Naugle, David, Potential Effects of Coal Bed Methane Development on Demography of Sage Grouse (Report)

Naugle, David, Southeast Montana Sage Grouse Study Coordination (Report)

Queen, LLoyd, Center for Landscape Fire Analysis (Link to Center's website)

Redmond, Roland, Mapping sagebrush/grassland in the Powder River Basin using SPOT-5 satellite imagery

Redmond, Roland, Techniques for Mapping Sagebrush from Remote Sensing


Hoopes, Carla, MT Statewide Noxious Weed Awareness and Education Campaign (Website)

Johnson, Greg, Exploring Linkages Between West Nile Virus Vectors And Sage Grouse In Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Development in Northeast Wyoming (News Article; Report)

Neuman, Dennis, Phytostabilization of Abandoned Mine Sites on Public Lands (Report; Paper)

Neuman, Dennis, Vegetation & Soils Monitoring of Reclaimed Abandoned Mine Sites Administered by BLM

Roll, Thomas, Recording and Evaluating Cultural Resources on the Public Lands

Rotella, Jay, Reproductive Success of Greater Sage Grouse in Southwest MT

Sowell, Bok, Sage Grouse Habitat Research (Report)

Story, Jim, Research and Collect Biocontrol Agents (Report:
Corn, J.G., J. Story and L.J. White. 2006.  Impacts of the biological control agent Cyphocleonus achates on spotted knapweed, Centaurea maculosa, in experimental plots.  Biological Control   37:75-81.

Story, J.M., N.W. Callan, J.G. Corn, and L.J. White.  2006.  Decline of spotted knapweed density at two sites in western Montana with large populations of the introduced root weevil, Cyphocleonus achates (Fahraeus).  Biological Control. 38(2):227-232.

Story, J.M., L. Smith, J.G. Corn, and L.J. White. 2008.  Influence of seed head-attacking biological control agents on spotted knapweed reproductive potential in western Montana over a 30-year period.  Environ. Entomol.  37:510-519.)

Wraith, Jon, Center for Invasive Plant Management (Website)

Zale, Alexander and Bramblett, Robert, Literature review and development of a study plan to assess the effects of coalbed natural gas activities on fish assemblages (Report)

Zidack, Nina, Biological Control of Weeds with Plant Pathogens on Public Lands (Report)


Bunting, Stephen, Inventory of Potential Aspen Habitat throughout the Owhyee Plateau (Report)

Fielder, Fritz, Engineering improvement of bioreactor effectiveness for We Like, Sidney, Mother Lode, and Upper Constitution mine sites

Krumpe, Ed, Clearwater River

McLaughlin, William, Baseline Recreation Ananlysis for the Snake River Activity/OPS Plan Amendment

Schwarzlaender, Mark, Rush Skeltonweed Biocontrol Project-continuation

Schwarzlaender, Mark, Seed Head Weevil & YST


Omi, Philip N, Effectiveness of Pre-Fire Treatments