2005 Reports - BLM


Chalfoun, Anna & Martin, Tom, Shrub-steppe Songbird Study (Report)

Greene, Erick, Winter Habitat Use and Survival of Sage Grouse in Montana (Progress Report; Report; Battazzo thesis; Sauls thesis)

Mills, Scott, Sensitivity Analysis of Sage Grouse

Maron, John, Trophic Controls of Grassland Communities (Ecology 2006; Proceeding of the Royal Society B 2006)

Naugle, David, Movements, habitat use and survival of Greater Sage Grouse in NE MT (Report; Journal Article)

Naugle, David, Potential Effects of Coal Bed Methane Development on Demography of Sage Grouse (Report)

Queen, LLoyd, Center for Landscape Fire Analysis (Link to Center's website)

Redmond, Rolland, Investigate Techniques to Develop a vegetation Map Theme for Sagebrush Steppe Cover Types

Redmond, Rolland, Crested Wheatgrass Mapping Analysis

Redmond, Rolland, Sage Grouse Winter Range Mapping Project

Redmond, Rolland, Wildlife Spatial Analysis Lab - SPOT 5 Image


Hoopes, Carla, MT Statewide Noxious Weed Awareness and Education Campaign (Website)

Jacobs, Jim, Dalmation Toadflax Research Study (Annual Report 05: Letter; Activities)

Littlefield, Jeffrey, Biological control of Russian knapweed (Report)

Marlow, Clayton, Collection of ecological and hydrological info within a prescribed burn area (Report)

Nelson, Dennis, Project Archaeology distributin plan for Canyon of the Ancients National Monument

Neuman, Dennis, Assessment of effects of amendments of vegetation performance at bentonie minesites (Report)

Neuman, Dennis, Assessment of steep slope reclamation practices at the Alta Mine Site

Neuman, Dennis, Develop a protocols and draft handbook for Abandoned Mine Reclamation monitoring


Gillerman, Virginia, Inventory and remediation of inactive and abandoned mine sites on or near BLM lands in ID

Hollenhorst, Steve, National Visitor Surveys for the BLM 2002-2004 (2002-2003 BLM Visitor Survey Results; 2004 BLM Visitor Survey: Expenditures and Economic Impacts)

Kingery, James, Hells Canyon grasslands - fire effects of shrub communities

Krumpe, Edwin, Clearwater River Recreation Area Mgmt Plan Update

Morgan, Penelope, Fire Regime Condition Class training course revision


Cameron, Catherine, Comb Ridge Heritage Initiative Project (Report)


Caffrey, Paul, Hydrography Dataset for Wyoming (Report)

Hubert, Wayne, Sage Grouse Oil Development (Report)

Hulme, Diane, Energy Resource Clearing House (Final Product: Wyoming Energy Resource Information Clearinghouse)