2006 Reports - BLM


Dixon, Kelly, Field School and Interactive Ghost Town: Archaeology and Preservation at Coloma, MT
(Webstite; Hunting Montana History; Thesis-Woody)

Greene, Erick, Winter Habitat Use and Survival of Sage Grouse in Montana (Progress Report; Report; Battazzo thesis; Sauls thesis)

Moisey, Neil & Burchfield, James, Improving Recreation Interpretation and the Management of Visitor Ise in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

Naugle, David, Movements, habitat use and survival of Greater Sage Grouse in NE MT (Report; Journal Article)

Naugle, David, Potential Effects of Coal Bed Methane Development on Demography of Sage Grouse (Report)

Naugle, David, Sage Grouse & Energy Development: Testing Validity of Planning Tools (Report: Doherty, K.E., D.E. Naugle, H. Copeland, A. Pocewicz, and J. Kiesecker. 2011. Energy development and conservation trade-offs: systematic planning for sage-grouse in their eastern range. Number 22 in S. T. Knick and J. W. Connelly, editors. Greater sage-grouse: Ecology and conservation of a landscape species and its habitats. Studies in Avian Biology; Connelly, D. E. Naugle, and 19 others. 2011. Conservation of greater sage-grouse: A synthesis of current trends and future management. Number 25 in S. T. Knick and J. W. Connelly, editors. Greater sage-grouse: Ecology and conservation of a landscape species and its habitats. Studies in Avian Biology)

Queen, LLoyd, Center for Landscape Fire Analysis (Link to Center's website)

Redmond, Rolland, Comparison of various satellite imagery platforms and spatial resolutions for classifying sage-stepp communities near Bannack, Montana

Redmond, Rolland, Sage Grouse Winter Range Mapping Project


Harmata, Robert, Sampling Mercury and other Contaminants in Bald Eagles and Osprey in Montana and Wyoming (Report)

Johnson, Greg, Exploring Linkages Between West Nile Virus Vectors And Sage Grouse In Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Development in Northeast Wyoming (News Article; Report)

Marlow, Clayton, Assessment of Steep Slope Reclamation Practices - Alta Mine Site

Marlow, Clayton, Whitetail Prescribed Fire Demonstration Project (Report)

Neuman, Dennis, Phytostablization at the Keating Tailing Site (Report; Paper)

Roll, Thomas, Project Archaeology Electronic Data

Sing, Sharlene, Fire Effects on Noxious Weeds: Evaluation of Integrated Dalmatian Toadflax Management in Fire-Affected Forest & Range

Sowell, Bok, Crested Wheatgrass Restoration to Native Sagebrush/grassland (Wengreen, K.A. and B.F. Sowell. 2008. Converting crested wheatgrass stands to enhance big sagebrush: A literature review. 15th Wildland Shrub Symposium. Bozeman. June 17-19)

Zale, Al, Literature review and development of a study plan to assess the effects of coalbed natural gas activities on fish assemblages (Report)

Weaver, David, Biological Weed Control Agent Research (Report)


Gillerman, Virginia, Inventory and remediation of inactive and abandoned mine sites on or near BLM lands in ID

Krumpe, Edward, Salmon River Intern

Rachlow, Janet, Pygmy Rabbits (Report)

Sappington, Lee, Excavations at the Harpers Bend Recreation Site


Cameron, Catherine, Comb Ridge Heritage Initiative Project (Report)