2008 Project - BLM


Dixon, Kelly, Field School and Interactive Ghost Town: Archaeology and Preservation at Coloma, MT
(Webstite; Hunting Montana History; Thesis-Woody)

Eby, Lisa, Impacts of Beaver on Non-native Brook Trout Invasion, and the Consequence for Westslope Cutthroat Trout Growth, Survival and Sustainability (Report)

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Naugle, David, Movements, habitat use and survival of Greater Sage Grouse in NE MT (Report; Journal Article)

Prentiss, Anna, National Register of Historic Places Nominations/Dendro Research (Report: Ervin Homstead Nomination; Gus Nelson Homstead Nomination)


Fisher, Jack, Project Archaeology Institute for Teachers (Website)

Fisher, Jack, Montana Site Stewardship Archeology Project (Program Information)

Galli-Noble, Liz, Center for Invasive Plant Management (Website)

Hoopes, Carla, MT Statewide Noxious Weed Awareness and Education Campaign (Website)

Littlefield, Jeffrey, Biological control of Russian knapweed (Report)

Neely, Michael, Fort Meade Project Archaeology (2008 Annual Report; 2011 Workshop Flyer)

Sing, Sharlene, Fire Effects on Noxious Weeds: Evaluation of Integrated Dalmatian Toadflax Management in Fire-Affected Forest & Range

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Story, Jim, Research and Collect Biocontrol Agents (Reports:

Corn, J.G., J. Story and L.J. White. 2006.  Impacts of the biological control agent Cyphocleonus achates on spotted knapweed, Centaurea maculosa, in experimental plots.  Biological Control   37:75-81.

Story, J.M., N.W. Callan, J.G. Corn, and L.J. White.  2006.  Decline of spotted knapweed density at two sites in western Montana with large populations of the introduced root weevil, Cyphocleonus achates (Fahraeus).  Biological Control. 38(2):227-232.

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Weaver, David, Biological Weed Control Agent Research (Report)


Krumpe, Edward, Salmon River Intern


Hartman, Ronald, Pryor Mountain Plant Survey (Report)

Kornfeld, Marcel, Last Canyon Cave Salvage Excavation in MT (Report; Interior Photo; Entrance Photo)