2015-2019 Projects - FWS


Belthoff, JimAdressing information needs for priority species of raptors in Region 6 2016, 2017


Albert, Stephen, Transportation Technical Assistance and Related Services for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2015

Ament, Robert, ARC Solutions Technology Transfer Initiative 2015

Ament, Robert, Federal Lands Wildlife Vehicle Collision Data Coordination 2016

Ament, Robert, WTI Technical Support for National Wildlife Refuges 2015

Blank, Matthew, Enhancing Fish Passage Research by Integrating Civil Engineering and Fish Biology-Ecology Applied Theories and Practices 2015

Clevenger, Anthony, Identifying Conservation Corridors and Transboundary Linkages for Wolverines in the Canadian Crown of the Continent Ecosystem 2015

Eidswick, Jaime, Support for Training and Informational Resources 2015

Eidswick, Jaime, Transportation Scholars Program 2015

Guy, Christoher, Lake Roosevelt Burbot Maturation 2017

Ireland, Kathryn, Evaluating management alternatives to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on whitebark pine ecosystems in the Greater Yellowstone using landscape simulation modeling 2015

McNew, Lance, Defining habitat quality for northern grassland birds in Montana 2016, 2017

Villwock-Witte, Natalie, Millennial and Silver Tsunami Mobility Preferences to Access National Wildlife Refuges 2015


Waits, Lisette, Establish a genetic repository for Mexican wolves and other canid samples (Report)


Allred,  Brady, Collaborative Sagebrush Conservation for the Future: Science-based Evaluations 2016

Dreitz,Victoria, Boom, bust: linking patterns of rural land-use change and wetland condition to trends in greater sandhill crane demographics 2015

Dreitz,VictoriaEcological Modeling and Monitoring to Inform Avian Conservation in the Intermountain West 2015

Dreitz,Victoria, Linking changes in landscape features to greater sandhill crane populations Linking changes in landscape features to greater sandhill crane populations 2015

Dreitz,Victoria, Public lands and private waters: decision support for sage-grouse conservation through range wide mapping of scarce wetland resources 2015

Hauer, Richard, Assessing Climate Change Effects-Aquatic Ecosystems 2015

Lukacs, Paul, Facilitating WAFWA population level monitoring and analyses 2017

Servheen, Christopher, Bat surveys and documentation of bat hibernation concentrations in the Rocky Mountains 2012, 2015

Servheen, Christopher, Grizzly Bear Recovery: Implementation, Monitoring, Research, Education and Conservation 2015, 2016


 Livneh, Ben, Wolverine Climate Change Refugia Study 2016