2000 Projects - NPS


Brown, Perry, Expert Workshop on Effects of Snowmobiles on Wildlife (Report)

Brown, Perry, and Kathy Tonnessen, Program Support for Park Research and Intensive Monitoring of Ecosystems Network (PRIMENet) (Report) (The Contribution of Acadia PRIMENet Research to Science and Resource Management in the National Park Service)

Brooks, Paul, Variability in the Composition and Amount of DOC in Surface Waters: Implications for UV Radiation Penetration

Brooks, Paul, & O’Reilly, Catherine, Spatial and Temporal Variability in DOC-mediated UV-B exposure in Rocky Mountain National Park

Brooks, Paul, et al..., Spatial and Temporal Variablitiy in the Amount & Source of Dissolved Organic Carbon: Implications for Ultraviolit Exposurein the Amphibian Habitats

Pauchard, Anibal and Paul Alaback, A Study of plant invasions in protected areas at multiple scales: Linaria vulgaris in the West Yellowstone area (Report, Table 1, Table 2, Figures, Dissertation thesis- index, chapt 1, chapt 2, chapt 3, chapt 4, chapt 5, chapt 6, Professional Paper; Journal Article-06)

USDOI Site Characterization and Natural Resource Damage Assessment Studies, Grant-Kohrs Ranch and Bureau of Land Management, 2000-2001 (Report, Slide Presentation)


Davis, Les, Archeological Testing of Sites in Yellowstone NP and Backcountry Trail Archeological Investigations, Yellowstone National Park (1999 Field Season Final Report - Seven Miles Bridge Bison Capture Facility and Lower Gneiss and Campanula Creeks; Report)

Zale, Al, Distribution of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in the Gallatin River Watershed (Report)