2001 Projects - NPS


Borrie, Bill and Wayne Freimund, Social Carrying Capacity for Winter Use, Yellowstone (Report)

Broberg, Len and Katherine McKalip, The History of Mining in Rocky Mountain National Park - Editorial Assistance Project

Brown, Perry, Peer Review of Inventory and Monitoring Projects and Technical Assistance to Intermountain Region Parks

Brown, Perry and Lisa Gerloff, Facilitate Wilderness Workshop on National Park Service's Performance Goals (Report; Agenda)

Brown, Perry and Lisa Gerloff, Workshop on Ballistic Delivery of Biologics to Wildlife (Report)

Chalfoun, Anna and Tom Martin, The Effect of Elk Grazing Intensity on the Vegetation Structure and Breeding Birds in the Shrubsteppe of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (Report)

DeArment, John and Don Potts, Wetlands Delineation at Glacier National Park (Report)

Ellis, Bonnie, Biology of Rocky Mountain Capshell in Lost Lake, Glacier National Park (2002 Report, Report)

Flores, Dan, Historic Resource Studies - Fur Trade in Rocky Mountain National Park

Hendrix, Marc, Paleontological Survey and Geologic Recommendations for Reconstruction of Sylvan Pass to East Entrance Segment of the East Entrance Road, Yellowstone National Park

Mills, Scott, Genetic Analysis of Lynx and other Mammals (Report)

Patterson, Mike, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Predator Compensation Programs (Report)


Clark, Janet, Publish Weed Pocket Guide (For a copy of the weed pocket guide, please contact Kathy Tonnessen)

Davis, Les, Archeological Testing of Sites in Yellowstone NP and Backcountry Trail Archeological Investigations, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Hansen, Andrew, Interactions between Heartland National Parks and Surrounding Land Use Change: Development of Conceptual Models and Indicators for Monitoring (Report)

Hansen, Andrew, A Landscape Approach to Aspen Restoration: Understanding the Role of Biophysical Setting in Aspen Community Dynamics (Report)

Keating, Kim, History of Research on Pronghorn in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Kerans, Billie, Prevalence and severity of Myxobolus cerebralis infection related to water temperature and flow regimes of native cutthroat trout Onchorynchus clarki bouvieri spawning tributaries of Yellowstone Lake

Lewellyn, Clark, Historic Structures Documentation at Grant-Kohrs Ranch, Glacier NP, and BLM’s Helium Plant in Amarillo, Texas

Rydell, Kiki, Prepare History of Administration and Multiple Propery Nominations to the National Register, Yellowstone National Park (“Managing the Matchless Wonders, a History of Administrative development in Yellowstone NP, 1872-1965” by Kiki Rydell and Mary Culpin, Montana State University)

Zale, Al, Fish Inventories for the Four Parks of the Rocky Mountain Network (Report)


Krumpe, Edwin and Troy Hall, Greater Yellowstone Network Vital Signs Monitoring Planning "Delphi" (Report)

Wright, Gerald, Complete Bibliographic Database at Glacier National Park (Report)

Wright, Gerald, Scientific Review – Elk Ecology and Management Document (Report)


Swaney, Bill, Student Intern in Natural Resources at Glacier National Park 2001