2002 Projects - NPS


Broberg, Len, Technical and Administrative Support for Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Managers Partnership Including the Initiation of an Ecosystem Wide Cumulative Effects Analysis (Progress Report #2, Report)

Duffield, John, Development of Planning Tools and an Interactive Model for Yellowstone NP (Report)

Ellis, Bonnie, Biology of Rocky Mountain Capshell in Lost Lake, Glacier NP-Part 2 (Report)

Freimund, Wayne, Research to Support Application of the Visitor Experience and Resource Protection Framework at Zion National Park 02 (Report; Plate 1; Plate 2; Plate 3)

Hodges, Karen and Scott Mills, Relative abundance and distribution of snowshoe hares in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Redmond, Roland, Comparison of Landscape Patterns Delineated by Automated Versus Manual Techniques for the Point Reyes National Seashore (Report)

Redmond, Roland, Land-cover Mapping and Research in Pinnacles National Monument (Report)

Rice, Peter, Grant Kohrs Ranch Vascular Plant Survey (Report)

Woods, Scott and Corbin, Jennifer, Using watershed characteristics to predict the sensitivity to acidification of high elevation lakes in Grand Teton National Park (Park Recomendatations)

Woods, Scott and Jennifer Corbin, Greater Yellowstone Network Water Quality Monitoring Plan: Recommendations for Vital Signs Monitoring, Part 2 (Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park)


Davis, Les, Archeological Testing of Sites in Yellowstone NP and Backcountry Trail Archeological Investigations, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Garrott, Robert, Modeling the Consequences of Wolf Recovery on the Northern Yellowstone Elk Population (Executive Summary)

Garrott, Robert, Spatial Dynamics of the Central Yellowstone Bison Herd: Integration and Visualization of Large Spatial Databases (Report)

Guy, Christopher S., Lake McDonald Fishery Investigations (Report)

Henson, Joan, Publication of Microbial Life in Yellowstone National Park (Report-Sheehen, Kathy B., et al, 2005 Seen Unseen: Diversity of Microbes at Yellowstone. Tennessee: Falcon Press. 128p.)

Hudson, Crystal, Lab Assessment of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Whirling Disease Infection as part of the Yellowstone National Park Whirling Disease Study

Kerans, Billie, Assessment of Tubificid Assemblages, Abundance and Prevalence of Disease in worms as part of the Yellowstone National Park Whirling Disease Study (Report)

Maxwell, Bruce and Lisa Rew, Non-native Plants Survey of the Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring Network (GRYE) - Year 1 (Report)

Patten, Duncan, Develop Ecosystem Conceptual Model(s) for the Greater Yellowstone Network (Report; Conceptual Models)

Quist, Charlotte and Allen Harmsen, Development of a Protocol to Evaluate Remotely Administered Ballistic Implants as a Vaccine Delivery System for Bison in Yellowstone National Park

Rew, Lisa and Bruce Maxwell, Development of an Integrated Weed Management Plan for the Northern District of Bighorn Canyon NRA (Report)

Sheley, Roger, Initiate An Intermountain Region Noxious Weed Inventory & Mapping Program

Shier, John and Ronald Tobias, Glacier Film Project: "Saving the Grizzly, One Hair at a Time" (To purchase a copy of the completed video, please contact Brace Hayden at Glacier National Park)

Weaver, Tad, Inventory Alpine Vegetation and Mountain Goat Habitats, Yellowstone National Park (Report)


Hall, Troy and Edwin Krumpe, Northern Colorado Plateau Network - Delphi Process for Vital Signs Determination (Report)


Bock, Jane, Survey of Vegetation and Birds at Little Bighorn National Battlefield and Historical Comparisons (Progress Report; Report)

Grove, Cherrie, Acquisition, Entry, and Maintenance of Resource-related Information for "Synthesis" and "Views of the National Parks" (Report)

Hogan, Tim, Floristic Inventory of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Curecanti National Recreation Area

Limerick, Patricia, Science in the West Publication (Publication)

Tomback, Diana F., A Study of Whitebark Pine Regeneration after Fire in Glacier National Park (Report)


Swaney, Bill, Student Intern in Natural Resources at Glacier National Park 2002 (Report)


Brunson, Mark, Support of Ecological Applications for Land Managers (Report)

Dewey, Steven A., Initiate An Intermountain Region Noxious Weed Inventory & Mapping Program Northern Colorado Plateau

McCalpin, James P., Active Faults and Seismic Hazards to Infrastructure at Great Sands Dunes National Monument and Preserve (Report; Photo 1; Photo 2)


Anderson, Stan, Sage Grouse Seasonal Habitat Use in Grand Teton National Park

Baker, William L., Rocky Mountain National Park Subalpine Forest Fire History Study (Report)

Beauvais, Gary and Doug Keinath, Bat and Terrestrial Mammal Inventories in the Greater Yellowstone Network (Report; Yellowstone Science- Article)

Eckles, David, Archeological Inventory and Site Evaluation for Mechanical Fuels Treatment Projects 2002/2003, Grand Teton National Park

Eckles, David, Cultural Resource Survey and Evaluation of Historic Road Features, Virginia Cascade, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (Report)

Eckles, David, Federal Highway Archeological Inventory and Site Evaluation,Yellowstone National Park: Canyon Area (Report)

Grandjean , Burke, Biostatistics Support for National Park Service Biological Projects

Grandjean , Burke, A Revised Sampling Design for Vegetation Inventory and Monitoring at Shenandoah National

Harlow, Hank, AMK Cooperative Research Program

Jones, George, Grand Teton National Park Vegetation Mapping Project

Shalinsky, Audrey, Digitizing Cultural Resource Records, Yellowstone National Park

Walker, Danny, Archeological Survey of Powerline Route Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Walker, Danny, Archeological Remote Sensing and Testing, Fort Laramie National Historic Site